Our Development Program is for those TV show creators who have an idea for a TV show and want to work with an experienced, ultra-creative development team to make it into a series top media buyers would want.

Here’s how it works…you work virtually, or in-person, with our top development team on refining crucial elements of your show, such as, creating unforgettable characters, riveting episodes, dramatic series overviews, impressive creator bios, or new formats for reality shows, and whatever else you need to include in your treatment to sell your show.

After each session you write sections of your treatment and we’ll review and guide your work. The goal of this program is for our team to assist you in developing a killer concept media buyers will want and to have a professional treatment that sells your show.

You retain 100% ownership of your show. Any ideas we give you are yours to use however you wish.

The Development Program Includes

  • One, TV Concept Evaluation
  • Two, 1-on-1, Private Development Sessions
  • Two, 1-on-1, Private Material Reviews
  • Email Support
  • Up to 3, fifteen minute Get Unstuck calls

The standard fee for a program like ours would be $15,000 or more. We only charge $7,000 and do not charge extra for partner participation. Please call us at 678-718-5133 to get more info and to schedule your first session with our experienced, wildly creative development team.


Q: What if I think my show is fully developed and ready to pitch?
Great! Schedule a TV Concept Evaluation with us and we’ll review your pitch package. These Evaluations are 1-on-1 and private. We’ll go over the strengths and weaknesses of your show and give you our brutally honest opinion about how it stacks up in the competitive TV market place. Call 678-718-5133 to get more info or CLICK HERE.

Q: Do you own any part of my show if I use an idea you give me?
A: When you work with our Team and we give you an idea it is yours to use how you wish.
You retain 100% ownership.

Q: I’ve heard you have to have a pilot. How do I find out what I need to pitch my show?
A: First of all – YOU DO NOT NEED TO PRODUCE A PILOT. It is a very expensive waste of time and money. You’re welcome to schedule a complimentary strategy session with Jeanne Simon, co-founder of Sell Your TV Concept Now, to find out exactly what you need to pitch your show. Call us at 678-718-5133 or email to set up your complimentary Get-to-Know You session.

Q: Can my partner also take part in the sessions?
A: Absolutely! We encourage everyone involved in your show to be a part of the development process. There is no additional fee for partner participation.

Q: I live in Australia. How can we schedule the sessions with such a big time difference?
A: We work with clients who live all over the world. We’ll schedule sessions at times that suit all of our schedules.

Q: What happens if I don’t take good notes during the sessions?
A: No worries. We’ll record every session and send you the MP3.

Q: I am not sure if I’m a good enough writer to write a treatment. Can I get help?
A: Yes, we can team you up with a writer who has experience with your type of show to write the treatment from scratch, revise what you’ve written, or do a thorough edit. The rate will depend upon how much work our writer has to do.

Q: Is it possible for a ‘nobody’ to sell a TV show to a network?
A: YES! Super-producer Mark Burnett (Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?) started out as a nanny when he first moved to LA. Media buyers need and want to take your pitch if your idea is a fully developed TV series which you professionally pitch.

Q: Do you ever partner with people for a percentage of a deal?
A: No, we do not partner with you because it is not in your best interest. We want you to own 100% of your show and keep any deals you make with a network as simple as possible. Complicated partnerships scare off networks for fear of possible lawsuits or issues between partners.