Discover the Secrets to Pitching

Check out the sample videos below to see for yourself how you can pitch like a pro.

  • The Flow of a Pitch

    Jeanne presents the flow of a standard TV pitch. You don’t want to be unpleasantly surprised when you finally get in front of a media buyer.
    Video Length – 13:11

  • TV Pitch Fail 06 – When to hand over pitch materials.

    Jeanne presents brief tips on pitch fails to avoid.
    Video Length – 1:21

  • Development Process – Story and Characters

    The creation of compelling characters for scripted and reality, non-fiction shows is the first step in the development process. Strong, intriguing characters with dynamic relationships are the building blocks of great storytelling. All media buyers are looking for unique, attention-grabbing characters which drive storylines.
    Video Length – 16:32

  • What pitch materials do I need?

    We discuss exactly what you need for your pitch package for every type of show.
    Video Length – 14:18

  • Pilots

    Do you really need a pilot for your show?
    Video Length – 5:23

  • Tutorial, Preset, Fill-in-the-Blank Treatment- Reality, Non-Fiction Shows

    Watch this video first before you attempt to fill in the reality show template (downloadable Word document), so you understand what to do in each of the treatment sections. Drop your text and images into the preset template and you will have an instant treatment.
    Video Length – 14:09

  • Animation Show Treatment Description

    Page by page description of the sample animation treatment provided in the PDF workbook download. You may want to download and print the PDF workbook and follow along.
    Video Length – 21:35

  • Which Conferences Should I Attend?

    What are the best conferences and which ones should I go to? Are some better than others for my type of show?
    Video Length – 23:03

  • TV Expert Interview
    Andy Bamberger

    Andy Bamberger – Former Nickelodeon ExecutiveAndy served as VP of Production at Nickelodeon when Mark and Jeanne worked at the studio in Orlando. He was also a producer for Sesame Street and many independent TV series.
    Recorded live at our Hit Maker Summit in Orlando.
    Video Length – 30:34

  • FAQ-Do I need an agent

    Do I need an agent to pitch my show?
    Video Length – 1:31

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