Bad idea, Sony
Sony’s choice to cancel the release of The Interview is scary. It’s much scarier than the threats. This has opened Pandora’s Box of threats from anyone who doesn’t like a movie. If you don’t like a movie…don’t see it. Pretty damn simple. Any political or religious nutbag now feels they can shut down someone’s expression [...]
We are silver
Today is a very special day. Well, it’s special for us, not necessarily for you. Jeanne and I (Mark) are celebrating our 25th anniversary today. Over a decade of working together and 25 years of marriage, and still going strong! We celebrated this past weekend on the beach at St Pete and enjoyed a ride [...]
Mark’s first office
When I was 16, my family moved into our new office building. I built out my office (I was VP of our building company) to have my drawing tables and huge bookshelves. The shelves, as you can see, were filled with thousands of my comic books. I loved having them all out at the same [...]
True Blood
Mark here. True Blood was one of my favorite series on HBO. I recently picked up the novels that inspired the series. I’m reading the second book of the series now and (spoiler alert) one of the most interesting characters through the run of the series, Lafayette, dies in the beginning of the book. This [...]
Storyboard videos
Remember when I (Mark) went to CA recently to produce a bunch of videos for Well, they are live online now. I shot 67 videos about the Storyboard Pro software I helped develop. 8 of the videos are free for anyone to watch. If you have a Lynda account, you can watch all of [...]