7 Deadly Sins of Pitching TV
We’re hosting a free webinar on July 29 to share with you the latest in what to avoid when pitching to network execs. Put it on your calendar and register to join us. https://rt133.infusionsoft.com/app/page/7-deadly-sins-of-pitching-tv #pitchtv #7deadlysins
You asked for it!
  It’s been a few years, but we are bringing back our popular Hit Maker Summit. 3 packed days of perfecting your pitch, working on your project and all the details of making a deal work. Early Bird discount ends TOMORROW. Go to www.HitMakerSummit.com for details. Or call us at 407-351-0893. #pitchtv
Character and Story
I (Mark) will be speaking for a group of  game developers tonight. The meeting will be held at Full Sail. The event is put together by Burnout Game Ventures, LLC. I met a lot of these folks at IGDA a few months ago, when I spoke for them, and they kindly asked me to speak [...]
Harry Potter fun
There are a number of benefits to living in Orlando. One is getting to see the new theme park areas early. Over the weekend I (Mark) had the chance to check out the new Diagon Alley at Universal Studios. The Gringott’s Bank ride wasn’t open yet (opens supposedly tomorrow), but the rest of the area [...]
Animating the Little Rascals
You may remember that Mark Simon produced the opening animated credits of the new Little Rascals movie. Toon Boom software just ran an article about the work Mark did on the movie. Check out page 8 in their online newsletter: https://www.toonboom.com/sites/default/files/company/toonboomnews/toon-boom-news-summer-2014.pdf