Date: Replaying NOW

Cost: $85

Where: Web from anywhere

The NUMBER ONE FEAR of anyone with a new idea for a television show is … will the people I pitch it to steal it?

You know you have a good idea, but doesn’t that just make it even more vulnerable?

We will address and allay all your pitching fears, including:

  • Can a network just take my idea and do it without me?
  • Is a Submission Release Form a license to steal?
  • The truth behind stories of stolen TV ideas
  • What can or can’t I do to protect my idea
  • How safe is my title?
  • Are TV conferences the wild west of idea robberies?
  • Copyright protection myths
  • Will my paranoia destroy my pitch or sabotage my chances?
  • Are my characters at risk, too?
  • Is a WGA registration enough protection?
  • Will a Non-Disclosure Form protect me or destroy my pitch?
  • What’s my best safeguard against being ripped off?
  • (The answer may surprise you!)

  • Common themes pitched to all networks
Other great benefits to be revealed:

  • Number One way to NOT SELL your show
  • When’s the right time to register your work
  • Top three places execs look for new shows
  • How to cure pitch paralysis
  • What makes an idea original
  • How to avoid the most commonly pitched concepts
  • Where to meet studio executives
  • The myth behind stories of stolen concepts
  • How to pitch dozens of times in one day
  • If the Web is the right place to showcase your idea

Plus Interviews with:

Patric Verrone

  • Former President of the WGA and head writer/co-executive producer on Futurama
  • Patric will talk about protection offered by the WGA
  • He will share his views on if you should worry about your idea being stolen
  • Writer/Producer on Star Trek, Sliders, Babylon 5 about protecting his ideas (or not)

Marc Zicree

  • Writer/Producer on Star Trek, Sliders, Babylon 5 about protecting his ideas (or not)

Linda Simensky

  • Sr VP PBS Kids, formerly Sr VP Original Animation Cartoon Network

Joel Andryc

  • Executive at Saban, Fox Family Channel, ABC Family Channel

Wayne Carter

  • WGA writer and expert witness for script theft trial

At the end of this webinar, you will feel 100% better about how to protect your show, whether your fears were valid or not and will look like a pro when you pitch.
Join us from the comfort of your home or office.

Everything You Need to Know

Who should attend:

  • TV Show Creators
  • Writers
  • Producers
  • Directors
  • Actors
  • Anyone who is concerned about someone stealing their idea!

Date: Replaying NOW
Cost: $85
Where: Web from anywhere
Bonuses: All attendees will also receive a workbook featuring:

  • Lists of links and downloads for protecting your work
  • Lists of where you can pitch dozens of times in one day
  • Sample submission release forms
  • Copyright form
  • Industry resources
  • Budget software links
  • Scriptwriting software links

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Hosted by Mark & Jeanne Simon, founders of SellYourTvConceptNow.com.

Mark is a Hollywood veteran of over 25 years and has worked on over 3,000 productions, landed over 25 distribution deals (Comedy Central, Nicktoons, G4), written 10 industry books and won over 100 international awards for shows he has produced and directed. He has worked with many networks on concept development.

Jeanne has produced over 500 episodes of TV for Nickelodeon, TNN, Animal Planet and Cartoon Network. She also created an entire network, and all content 24/7, for Turner Broadcasting. Plus, she’s co-developed numerous shows with Mark which have been sold and seen around the world.

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