TV Pitch School

The All-In-One, Self-Paced Bestseller on How To Pitch Your TV Show

The ESSENTIAL do-it-yourself kit to guide you from “I’ve got an idea” to “Get me a meeting.”

With … INVALUABLE advice and insights from industry professionals.

And … COMPREHENSIVE examples of treatments, formats, scripts and other crucial pitch materials.

Whether your show idea is for reality, drama, sitcom, kids, animation, dramedy, game or talk, this self-paced course provides everything you need to understand and prepare the type of TV pitch package network executives are looking for. Plus tips on how to get it through to them without an agent!


  • The insider secrets on how to pitch like a seasoned pro

  • How to pitch without an agent

  • Where to pitch your show

  • What networks want to see from you

  • Easy to follow treatment templates

  • Fill-in-the-blank pitch meeting scripts

  • What materials you need to bring to a pitch

  • How to create stronger characters (even for your reality show)

  • What makes you the best producer for your concept

  • The questions you must be able to answer in a pitch

  • Samples of successful show treatments with commentary

  • Network submission guidelines

  • What goes into a 1-sheet (show sales sheet)

  • The 50 greatest pitch strategies of all time

  • …All from the comfort of your home.

The TV Pitch School NOW has everything you could ever want to develop, package, & pitch your TV show at a tremendous price break!

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The Home Study Course Includes:

  • List of 628 networks plus links

  • 15 audio CDs with advice and insights from industry pros

  • 3 HUGE move-at-your-pace workbooks

  • 5 Actual sample production bibles/treatments

    • Reality (Reality treatment template and actual treatment)
    • Animation
    • Kids Show
    • Comedy (same layout as drama)
    • Talk Show
  • Certificate of completion/diploma

  • and much more….

TV Pitch School

The All-In-One, Self-Paced Bestseller On How to Pitch Your TV Show


  • Get motivated to pursue and finally achieve your dream goal

  • Turn your idea in to a marketable concept

  • Create unforgettable and cast-able characters

  • Build an irresistible treatment and show bible

  • Talk like a pro with crucial insider terminology

  • Identify prime pitch targets from more than 628 networks

  • Make your role essential to produce your own show

(Includes exclusive interview with “South Park” creators Trey Parker & Matt Stone!)


  • Gather key insights from actual show bibles and treatment templates from ALL television show formats – Reality, Comedy, Animation or Talk

  • Put together visually-compelling one-sheet sales pieces

  • Gain visual strengths from storyboard leave-behinds

  • Assemble every tool you need to bulletproof your pitch

(Includes exclusive interview with Fox Family Channel’s Joel Andryc and Saban!)


  • Protect your show with included copyright and WGA forms

  • Plan your attack with the 50 Greatest Pitch Strategies of All Time

  • Understand critical network submission guidelines

  • Draft email, cover letter, and phone scripts from sample templates

  • Find how to answer the 5 questions your live pitch must cover

  • Discover the ideal TV conferences to pitch your show

(Includes exclusive interview with series creator and Emmy-Winner Bill Suchy!)

The TV Pitch School is the one all-inclusive home self study course to guide you from “I’ve got an idea” to “Get me a meeting,” including advice and interviews with industry professionals, PLUS comprehensive examples of one-sheets, treatments, formats, TV bibles, scripts and other essential pitch materials.

Mark and Jeanne Simon have been professionals in the entertainment industry for more than 25 years, with more than 3,400 production credits between them as producer, director, writer or animator. NBC, HBO, Fox, Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Animal Planet and Steven Spielberg are just some of the companies or clients they’ve worked or developed shows for. Mark has also written 10 popular industry books and lectures around the world.


  • Get motivated to pursue and finally achieve your TV show dream

Do you have an idea for a television show or maybe several ideas that you’ve been playing around with but haven’t committed to seeing become reality? Purchasing this TV Pitch School is your first and BEST commitment to finally starting down that path to GET IT DONE.

Our GETTING STARTED CD prepares you for what’s ahead and helps keep you motivated to stay on the path to a produced television show!

  • Turn your idea in to a marketable concept

Is your idea in any kind of acceptable form that networks or producers would take seriously? What do we mean by ‘acceptable form?’ How do I take my idea from where it exists now to something that is not only marketable, but will be instantly recognized as professional, original, and HOT?

Our DEVELOP YOUR SHOW CONCEPT CDs (Part 1 and 2) walk you through the steps you need to follow for your show presentation to be professionally accepted for SERIOUS CONSIDERATION.

  • Create unforgettable and cast-able characters

Does your show have characters or a host that television viewers would invite into their homes on a regular basis – who would grow on you and make you intimately concerned with what happens to them next? Are they memorable from the first time you describe them? Do they live and breathe and talk like real people you can either relate to or recognize?

Our tips on creating a production bible will provide a questionnaire that will guide you to fully flesh out your characters so they live on the page and in your pitch. So that when you talk about them, network executives or producers will create living and compelling images of them in their own minds, and be immediately excited about prospects for casting your show with A-LIST actors or actresses to portray them. Or to have clear guidelines how to select reality show casts that SIZZLE WITH CONFLICT.

  • Build an irresistible TV treatment and TV show bible

Do you know what happens in the 10th episode of your television show? In the second season premiere? What the potential FIVE-SEASON arc of your show might be? Do you have a TV SHOW bible that covers all the characters, their back stories, and potential episodes so writers hired for the show can stick to YOUR VISION? These are types of questions network executives and producers NOW want to hear to have confidence your show is marketable and HAS LASTING POTENTIAL for a long run or for syndication.

Our HOW TO CREATE A PRODUCTION BIBLE/TREATMENT CD shows you how to further develop and flesh your TV show potential for anyone to see and understand. It’s the backup material to your live pitch that can help CLOSE THE DEAL.

  • Talk like a pro with crucial insider terminology

Are you aware of the terminology network executives and producers are accustomed to hearing or reading in a pitch that gives them a short-cut understanding of the full potential of your show? That immediately clues them you are not some novice, but a professional who understands the arena they are getting into and is ready to employ the proper tools of the trade to win your contest?

By the time you finish going through this kit, ALL THOSE TERMS will be second nature to you. You will not only TALK LIKE A PRO, you will THINK LIKE A PRO in the language and style that all the most successful writers and producers employ. If you ever though television was a game of insiders, know that you will BECOME AN INSIDER before you are through with this path.

  • Identify prime pitch targets from more than 628 TV networks

Do you know what networks or cable stations are the best fit for your TV show or concept? There are more than 628 stations with schedules to fill out there now between the cable, prime and satellite network channels. But which ones make the most sense for your project, and which ones are just wastes of time?

With our guidance, you will begin to identify the potential markets for your show and you will be able to more clearly zero in on the networks that have the most potential for your show to be pitched and to succeed. We will also identify the television conferences where you can actually meet executives from these networks, and, in our more advanced packages, bring you along to pitch your fully developed concept at these conferences.

That is the goal of this path. That is the end of the rainbow for this journey you are embarking on. And this TV Pitch School is your first big step to getting there.

BONUS! Includes exclusive interview with “South Park” creators Trey Parker & Matt Stone!

Kenny is dead! You know the show, you know the creators, you know how successful they’ve become. They even have a play on Broadway that was nominated for 14 Tony Awards (“Book of Mormon”) Is nothing sacred? Fortunately not. And neither are the insights and secrets they pass on in this exclusive interview on putting a hit series together for television.


  • Gather key insights from actual show bibles and treatment templates from ALL television show formats – Reality, Comedy, Animation or Talk

Have you ever seen a TV show bible or treatment from an existing television series? It may surprise you: What’s in there, and what’s not. Did you know that reality shows still have act break formats and plotlines? Or that a talk show has a structure and a theme?

The best way to understand how your own TV show treatment or bible should look is to examine ones from shows that have already successfully made it to the air on television. We provide several examples that will illuminate the process and the content of these all-important documents.

  • Put together visually-compelling one-sheet sales pieces

Are you aware that many show ideas either generate their best interest or are quickly rejected JUST FROM THE ONE-SHEET? If you don’t have a compelling visual or tease or tag line to INSTANTLY brand your show in the mind of a producer or network executive, you are missing a key piece of what helps sell a TV show.

We not only provide prime examples of one-sheets and how they can visually and verbally stimulate IMMEDIATE INTEREST in a show, but we can even have one prepared for you based on your guidance if you so desire. Our goal is to NEVER LEAVE you without the immediate tools or access to those tools necessary for you to deliver your best possible TV pitch package.

  • Gain visual strengths from storyboard leave-behinds

Have you visually thought out how the action or design of your show might appear or play out? If your show is a cartoon, or a kids’ show, or even an action drama, can you see how a sequence of the show on storyboard might better help a network executive or producer visualize the look, pace, style and action of your show. Or maybe it just helps you to better understand those elements when you pitch.

Our sample storyboard leave-behinds are great ways to start thinking about the visual look of your own show and the types of framing, action and design that bring it to life in your mind so you can bring it to life in the minds of your potential buyers.

  • Assemble every tool you need to bulletproof your pitch

Are you sure you have everything you need to walk into a live pitch and be prepared for any request to SEE SOMETHING ON PAPER? Pitch meetings can often be more about whether the network executive or producer sees you as a producer they can work together or do business with … and the written back up materials you provide help CLOSE THE DEAL. They show how well you’ve thought out every angle of the show and how you yourself are an ESSENTIAL PART OF THAT PACKAGE.

Our WHAT TO BRING TO A PITCH CD will thoroughly prepare you for whatever essential materials you should prepare to back up your pitch.

BONUS! Includes exclusive interview with FOX Family Channel’s Joel Andryc, and Saban! (more info here)


  • Protect your show with included copyright and WGA forms

Are you worried your show idea will be stolen if you talk about it or pitch it to anyone? And how will you ever sell it if you don’t? It’s a Catch-22 that seems to snare and concern many of our clients. “If my show is so great, what’s to stop someone I tell it or show it to from just taking it, or changing it slightly enough to appear as their own?”

These fears can be overcome once you know simple ways to protect your idea for either FIVE years with a WGA registration, or 75 years with a U.S. Copyright. And we include those forms for you to use at your convenience. But we also understand how the industry works and how working and pitching to legitimate companies, networks and executives carry other degrees of protection you may not be aware of. We can even reveal how to protect just the TITLE of your show if that worries you. And we can coach you on how to make your participation in the creative process and production of your show VITAL to the success of the show, so they would never even CONSIDER going forward without you.

  • Plan your attack with the “50 Greatest Pitch Strategies of All Time”

Did you know there are actual mapped out and scripted STRATEGIES for delivering a professional pitch? These are simple formulas for punching key elements of your idea, or even overcoming objections. And what could be better than actually reading them? How about actually HEARING them?

Our PITCH LIKE A PRO CDs 1&2 contain more than FIFTY PROVEN sample pitch strategies you can adapt to your idea or pitch to make it stronger and more rejection proof. There are so many mistakes and pitfalls that can easily be avoided if you know WHEN and WHERE to step with your presentation. Listen how to stay on track with these effective pitch strategies.

  • Understand critical network submission guidelines

How do you know when you are barking up the wrong tree with your idea pitching it to a certain network? Is that reality show really a good fit for The Cartoon Network? Is your idea too narrow for broadcast television, or too broad for a particular cable network? Are you wasting your time running down the wrong leads in the wrong direction?

Our sample submission guidelines from dozens of networks show you exactly the type of programming each TYPE of cable or broadcast network is looking for, and what types of materials they expect to accompany any pitch. They help you better target and tailor your idea to the buyer audience who makes the most sense and gives you the best chance to close the deal. These guidelines are priceless information to save you time, energy and frustration.

  • Draft email, cover letter, and phone scripts from sample templates

Are you having great difficulty getting read, or even getting to first base with a company or producer? You’ve already attempted contact either through email, phone or letter, but you’re getting nowhere. Why? Without an agent or a manager or a known referral, how can you ever get through? And what are the four most important elements a query letter soliciting interest from a producer or executive can contain? And what’s the best way to get that letter past the assistants?

Drafting the great pitch letter, email or phone message might just be one of the most valuable weapons you ever have in your sales arsenal, so put your best foot forward with our guidance and samples. A great query letter is like live bait in a sea of potential huge catches. You need a good bite to get through the door, so learn how to draft a letter that not only gets you through the door, but sets you up for maximum interest once you’re inside. Our sample email prompts and advice on our interview CDs show you how.

  • Find how to answer the 5 questions your live pitch must cover

You finally get a meeting, but do you know the FIVE key questions your live pitch must cover to seriously be considered? Have you covered all the bases and anticipated all the objections that lay in wait to pounce upon your idea and knock you off balance at the exact wrong moment? It’s a scary proposition, but one that’s easily overcome if you KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT.

Our PITCH LIKE A PRO CDs 1&2 prepare you for the key questions an executive or producer will grill you on IF you have already failed to meet their expectations. But if you KNOW what to expect, you will not only deflect any interruptions that might unsettle you or throw you off your game, but PROVE how carefully you have already thought out the issues that concern them most and overcome their best ammo to reject your idea. Go in armed and bulletproof with our guidance.

  • Discover the ideal TV conferences to pitch your show

  • Find out how film and script festivals build good buzz

Did you know exactly how many conferences are running around the country and the world each year presenting opportunities for you to MEET THE PLAYERS who buy ideas and get TV series on the air? Do you understand WHICH ONES ARE THE BEST FIT for your genre of show, or HOW TO FOLLOW UP once you make a contact at one of these conferences? Working a conference is like a carefully choreographed dance that can have spectacular results if you know all the right steps, or can land you flat on your face.

We provide you a comprehensive list of the KEY CONFERENCES occurring around the world and the type of product or ideas that make sense to pitch at these conferences. We also provide lists and links of FILM FESTIVALS and CONTESTS going on around the country, where you can enter your project and begin the process of winning awards and building great BUZZ for your idea to further boost your chances of a sale to networks or producers. There’s no better push for a project or idea than one that has already been deemed … a WINNER!


“Thank you for your TV Pitch School CDs. They have been instrumental in us landing a content contract for our sketch comedy series Bent Pennies.”

– Steven Q.
– Bent Penny Productions

“This is all great info and I hope it will help me to pitch and sell a show in the near future. I have a lot of ideas I have put to paper, but I needed to know how to package it all properly. This course should save me a ton of time and cut my learning curve significantly. I have spent many days and hours researching this stuff on my own and have found only a fraction of what this course offers. Just the time savings alone is worth the investment in this course.”

– Rick T.

“With the home study course and with a few connections I made at NATPE, I got a call from a network executive interested in my project and wants to work with me and my partner to get our concept on his network. All the information you provided was direct, on-point, and efficient to the point where I was prepared for anything. For those who seek to pitch a concept out to a network, do yourself a favor — GET THIS COURSE. It’ll change your life and perspective on what is expected of you, and how you should conduct yourself when stepping up to the next level. Thank you, God bless you, and see you guys on the “CREATED BY” screens.”

– Crosby T.

“I’ve been following your home school course for pitching and I’ve just sent my latest one-sheet to the Vice President of Development for Disney Europe. I spoke to him on the phone first and, although they usually don’t accept unsolicited material, he said send it through. You have provided very sound advice which has helped me every step of the way. I have gone from a nobody in the reject pile to a nobody with three or four major companies happy to receive future submissions from me.”

-Adrian C. Smith

“I just returned from the Real Deal (television conference) and wanted to tell you how much I got out of your home study course. It was essential in helping me put together the whole sales package – especially the one sheets and treatment. Honestly, it’s the best money I’ve spent in preparing this show for pitching – I wish I had done it sooner!”

-Jim Kraus

“I purchased your TV Pitch package at the last LA Show Biz Expo and have just finished the course and it’s been very helpful. Although I have 40 years of TV production experience behind me, I still learned a lot about selling a show.
Thanks so much.”

-Betty Wesley

“I have completed reviewing the TV Pitch School course and I really must say that if I had had this material two years ago, it would have made a multimillion dollar difference.”

– Robert S. Wayne