March 2013 Newsletter 20

Newsletter 20 – March 2013 BREAKING NEWS Excerpt from a NATPE press release that was made public yesterday. NATPE has partnered with Sell Your TV Concept Now, a mentoring service led by development and pitch experts Mark and Jeanne Simon, to establish the Hollywood Player Pitch Contest that is open to all PitchCon attendees at…


February 2013 Newsletter

Newsletter 19 – February 2013 SPOTLIGHT ON NATPE / REALSCREEN The NATPE and Realscreen Summit Winter conferences are over, but the excitment continues to build as all-important follow ups to the literally hundreds of contacts made go on, and some potential very big deal announcements are set to emerge. This “Special Edition” Hit Maker Headlines…


December 2012 Newsletter

Newsletter 17 – December 2012 STOCKING STUFFER Christmas is upon us again (gee, it seems like the previous was only last year), and everyone is scrambling to make travel arrangements to be with loved ones or trying to find holiday savings at their local brick and mortar stores or, like us, letting their fingers do…


November 2012 Newsletter

Newsletter 16 – November 2012 Newsletter 16 – November 2012 This month begins on a concerned note as many of our clients and friends were affected by the devastating impact of hurricane Sandy throughout the Northeast. Our hearts and minds go out to you, and we hope you and your families are safe, your homes…


October 2012 Newsletter

Newsletter 15 – October 2012 CLIENT SPOTLIGHT It’s a good trick for Halloween to have viewers screaming with laughter, and it’s a great treat when one of our clients scares up an awesome connection. Animator Joe Schultz was part of the Hit Maker Tour to The Animation Conference (TAC) in Ottawa, Canada this past month…


September 2012 Newsletter

Newsletter 14 – September 2012 CLIENT SPOTLIGHT Since The Animation Conference (TAC) in Ottawa, Canada is coming up this month, it makes sense to throw the spotlight on some recent excitement for an animation project by client Allen Hillard once presented there. His animation series proposal Roadkill Bunch, detailing the adventures of a wacky group…


August 2012 Newsletter

Newsletter 13 – August 2012 CLIENT SPOTLIGHT August in Orlando means stifling hot and humid weather, but it looks like we don’t have a monopoly on those conditions this year. What a freak Summer of heat and drought across the United States so far. Or, hopefully, that’s what it is… simply a freak occurrence and…


July 2012 Newsletter

Where are Mark & Jeanne?

Mark and Jeanne just returned from a trip to Indianapolis, where they ventured outside the city to the home compound of Garfield comic strip creator Jim Davis. They spent two days with him and his wife Jill discussing a very exciting television project. More details to come.