TV Concept Evaluation

This is your chance to find out if you should move forward with your show and how. Evaluations are 1-on-1 private sessions with Jeanne or Mark Simon.Read More

Hit Maker Tour

Several times a year we offer our most popular program called Hit Maker Tour. Our Hit Maker Tour is a unique combination of pre-conference virtual training, resources we wish we had when we started pitching our own shows, and on-site mentorship.

There is no other program like it because we get you ready to pitch network and production company execs and set up many meetings for you.

Television conferences are where network development executives, producers, agents and distributors meet show creators in the open market to search for new content to fill the more than 628 channels hungry for the next big hit. Add to that list new online providers such as Netflix, Yahoo, Hulu and YouTube, who are jumping into the content game, big time. It’s a perfect storm of potential buyers. Read More