TV Treatment Writing

Need an expert writer to best showcase your concept? Work with a professional and have a treatment that will have executives begging for more.

Every network executive wants to see a treatment on a TV show pitch either together with the pitch or in follow-up to the pitch. The treatment covers all the elements which define the scope of the show, including:







  • And MORE!

If you need a treatment, we write a great one with you and for you. If you already have a treatment, we will help you improve, revise, edit and perfect it. Never walk into a pitch meeting without this tool. This is direct evidence that you have carefully thought your show through, considered all angles, and are serious about selling it and getting it on the air.

A great treatment is written in the same voice as your show. We have a proven formula on how to organize a treatment that will impress.

Our writers are seasoned and award-winners. They have written for Nickelodeon, Universal, Fox, HBO, CBS, TNN, Animal Planet, ABC and others.

“Every dream in all of Hollywood is to discover a new talent, all shiny and polished and ready to go. That’s what Mark and Jeanne’s training did for our client, Margaret.”
– Phillipa Burgess, Partner and Entertainment Professional at Creative Convergence

How to Set Up Your Treatment

Call our office, 407-351-0893 with your credit card in hand.
Sign and return our Submission Release Form
Send us your show info
We set up meetings with a writer seasoned in your shows’ format
The writing process begins

We do not ask for any ownership in your concept.

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