Need an expert script writer to bring your concept to life? Work with a professional.

If your idea involves a scripted show such as a sit-com or a dramatic series, it would be a huge mistake not to have a sample script ready and available. You simply must have one. Not only does it better protect your idea (a title is not copyrightable, but a script WITH a title attached IS), but it …

    - gives you more control from the start over the process of developing your show,
    - supports your case as a PRODUCER of the show, AND it
    - provides the executive a clear idea of the tone, approach, flow, style, comedy or drama of your show.

Once you deliver a great pitch (we can help with that, too), the next thing an executive will ask for is a sample script. Be prepared with an incredible script which will take your concept to the next level and allow you to dazzle anyone who reads it.

Our writers are seasoned and award-winners. They have written for Nickelodeon, Universal, Fox, HBO, CBS, TNN, Animal Planet, ABC and others.

Even if you are pitching a reality show, a sample, scripted format of the show detailing how an episode might play out is a big plus to get your vision across.

  • Script service includes:
    • YOUR COLLABORATION with a professional scriptwriter
    • YOUR APPROVAL of a pilot episode story outline
    • FIRST DRAFT SCRIPT for your notes and comments
    • FINAL POLISHED SCRIPT ready for submission

Scripts and treatments are persuasive examples of commitment to your idea that firmly demonstrate to an executive just how serious you are, and just how involved you need to be in the day-to-day business of making your show exactly what you want it to be.

Deliver what a real producer provides … A PILOT SCRIPT.

How to Set Up Your Script

Call our office, 407-351-0893
We’ll send you samples so you choose the right writer for your project.
Make your choice and call us back with your credit card in hand.
Sign and return our Submission Release Form
Send us your outline and show info (PDF format preferred)
We set up meetings with our script writer
The writing process begins

We do not ask for any ownership in your concept.

“The amazing script Wayne wrote for me won 9 straight festivals. I even was asked to speak on a screen writers panel in Las Vegas. Those awards helped me get interest from the studios.”

- Rick Brandelli
Sunset Fire

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