Typically, most script coverage just tells you what you’ve already got, regurgitates a synposis of your own story back at you, and gives you a hint whether its good enough to go forward or not.

We don’t tell you what you’ve got; you WROTE IT; you know the story or the synopsis. That’s not a big help.

We’re here to tell you what you NEED to make it better – to give you concrete character and story notes to take your piece to the next level … a professional level ready to entertain, intrigue, entice … and SELL.

So if you need some honest advice on your script? Don’t ask your mother. Or a standard movieland script coverage service. Ask US.

If your script is already excellent, we’ll give you coverage thats says so; that has a big “RECOMMEND” on it, which you can use to further market your script. You can use this coverage to land an agent or a manager, or to get read by production companies.

But we aren’t doing you any favors if the script is not already as excellent as it can be and the coverage gives it a pass. This is not a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ industry. Scripts from the outside trying to get inside have to be exceptional. They have to grab you and never let yout go. That is your goal. This is OUR goal for your script. That’s why our coverage is designed to make you push that script to the point where it is irresistable.

Here’s the drill:

All production companies, networks or literary agencies use readers as the gateways to decide whether your script goes any further or not. They write internal coverage of your script that either recommends it up, or passes on it. That coverage goes into the company’s system and you never see it, or learn why your project was rejected and will never be considered again under that title.

Professional script coverage from a former insider is a way to preview what you can expect from those gateway readers without risking your script getting permanently rejected. You’ll get notes and advice on your concept, story and characters that are more likely to tilt your project toward a ‘Recommend’ than a “Pass” from those gatekeepers. You can revise your script based on these notes so that they won’t peg you as an amateur or treat your script like a lamb to slaughter. You’ll be a player ‘in the game’ with a much better chance of winning.

Your best friend may mean well when he says your script is ‘Awesome, Dude!”, but is he really the best one to read your script?
Ask a professional. And watch out for services that just tell you what you’ve already got. Find out what you NEED to make it exceptonal. You want a script no one can possibly refuse. Let us help you get yours there.

Script Coverage Includes:

  • Detailed notes on characters
  • Dialogue analysis
  • Story structure critique
  • Scene-by-scene notes
  • Advice on how to improve your script and make it saleable

Script Coverage Rates:

  • 30 minute script – $350
    • 22-28 pages single spaced, 44-56 pages double spaced
    • Additional pages $3 each single spaced, $1.50 each double spaced
  • 60 minute script – $400
    • 44-56 pages single spaced, 88-112 pages double spaced
    • Additional pages $3 each single spaced, $1.50 each double spaced
  • Feature script – $450

Our script coverage people each have over 20 years experience as screenwriters and have credits including HBO, CBS, Universal, Paramount, FOX, National Lampoon and with such industry heavy-weights as James Cameron, Dick Donner, Ed McMahon, Bruce Vilanch and Robin Williams.


Call NOW to schedule your script coverage – 407-351-0893

We will set you up to work with a screenwriter who has experience on your type of show.

How to Set Up Your Script Coverage
Call our office, 407-351-0893, and have your calendar and credit card in hand.
Sign and return our Submission Release Form
Send us your script (PDF format preferred)

We do not ask for any ownership in your concept. Any ideas we offer during these consults are yours to use.

Credit Cards

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“I am reading over Wayne’s polish on my “FOLLOW THE MONEY” pilot script and it is brilliant!”
- Michael Duke

“I just had a quick read through – what can I say, we’re on the same wavelength and fantastic feedback!”
- Brian Burroughs

“Just finished reading your feedback from my show concept The Regulars. Awesome feedback. It seemed like you know exactly where I am and where I’m coming from. I think you have great talent and vision and writing skills, and I would love to work with you.”
- Larry Brun
The Regulars

Hello, You are obviously geniuses. I am convinced of it now.”

- Donna Marie – Seattle

“Wayne, from the bottom of my spontanistic heart, I wanted to say thank you for your coverage of my script. Thank you thank you thank you. You have inspired me in such an effective and phenomenal way that it seems paltry to reciprocate with just this Hallmark Card.”
– Christian Gurrana

“Wayne (script writer/coverage/notes) was equally generous with his time and energy and was very helpful sharing his strategies. Thank You Mark and Jeanne for your generosity, spirit, and for your great enthusiasm. You brought a tremendous amount of enthusiasm to a process that can be very frequently overwhelming.”
- Dr. Suzanne Lopez- New Mexico