TV CONCEPT EVALUATIONS are for show creators who want to make sure their concepts are what buyers want.

  • Not 100% sure if you have an idea that merits further investments of time and money?

  • Ready to work with real, credible, successful TV pros and not some faceless website?

  • Have TV industry contacts and don’t want to blow the opportunity of a life time?

  • Fired up to get a step-by-step action plan for how to sell your show?

Booking a 1-on-1 private TV Concept Evaluation with us could be your first step… or your crucial next step… in getting your concept on TV.
This is YOUR CHANCE to find out how you should move forward with your show.

A TV CONCEPT EVALUATION is perfect for you if…

  • You have an idea for a show and want to know if it’s strong enough to move forward.
  • You have an idea for a show and want to know how to move forward with it.
  • You have most or all of your pitch package developed and want an expert evaluation to make sure you’re ready to pitch to potential buyers.
  • You’ve pitched your show… didn’t get any bites… and you want to know what’s wrong with it and how to fix it.

In Your TV Concept Evaluation, You’ll Discover…

  • IF your show merits spending more time on it
  • If there’s a buyer for your show in the current marketplace
  • Whether you should pitch to production companies or networks first
  • What execs would think about your concept
  • How to land more pitch meetings than you ever thought possible (So simple, yet so few people know about it.)
  • How to get pitch meetings without an agent
  • What execs expect to see in your pitch package
  • What’s keeping you from selling your TV show
  • Strengths and weaknesses of your concept and pitch package
  • Current TV industry trends and how they relate to your idea
  • What else you need in your pitch package to make it attention-grabbing
  • How to avoid the top 3 mistakes most people make in their pitch packages
  • If your treatment and/or script is formatted correctly
  • How to make your treatment eye-catching
  • If your treatment has all the info execs expect to see
  • If your characters are compelling enough (even for reality shows)
  • If you’ve made the #1 rookie mistake in your show overview
  • If your episode descriptions meet TV industry story-telling standards
  • The $100,000+ element no one needs in their pitch packages (Sadly, a few of you are most likely throwing money out the window right now)
  • If your script is strong enough to sell your show
  • If your sizzle reel, or demo reel, entices execs to take the next step with you
  • How your character artwork stacks up against the best-of-the-best
  • What crucial info should be in your creator bio and what should not
  • If your show title is a miss… or a HIT (A great title can sell a show)
  • How to present yourself even if you have NO television experience
  • How to effectively avoid overwhelm!
  • Why some TV show creators sell their ideas, while others go nowhere
  • Whether or not your show has international appeal
  • Proven successful ways to reach the MASSIVE American market …no matter where in the world you live
  • What you can’t see could keep you from selling your show
  • How to overcome common objections from buyers
  • How to maintain laser focus
  • The best ways to customize your show for individual buyers like Amazon, HBO, or even ABC
  • Shockingly… the best way to protect your idea has nothing to do with registrations or copyrights
  • Little-known strategies for pitching streaming providers (like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu) as we learned in a meeting we had with a Netflix exec
  • How to save precious time, so you get your show in front of buyers as quickly as possible
  • And so much more about how to revise your idea into a polished TV series buyers will want that can only come from true industry insiders.

Here’s How It Works:

1. Pay $500 fee in full. Our fee includes:

  • Time it takes for our team to review your materials, assess strengths and weaknesses, research shows similar to yours, and prepare recommendations prior to your evaluation.
  • 1-on-1, Private Evaluation. You’ll get our assessment of your show, research findings, step-by-step action plan for how to sell your show, and we’ll answer your questions.
  • MP3 replay of the session.
2. Schedule Evaluation. You set a date and time with our Client Manager.

3. Material Review. Send us whatever you’ve done for your show so far: treatment, one sheet, script, sizzle or demo reel, pilot, animated short etc. And if you just have an idea and nothing else, send us a half page synopsis.
(*Please – only send us material when you’ve secured your evaluation with full payment and you’ve completed our submission release form.)

4. Complete Forms. Fill out our Get to Know You Form and electronic Submission Release Form. The more we know about you and your show, the more we can help you.

5. TV Concept Evaluation. Attend 1-on-1, private Evaluation with a Sell Your TV Concept Now vetted, seasoned TV professional and get personalized guidance out how to move forward with your idea. This is not cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all garbage. Our customized coaching is based on what it will take to sell you and your unique show.

6. Delivery of Replay. We email you an mp3 recording of your entire evaluation.
(*Your session is recorded so you can pay full attention, not worry about taking notes, and have unlimited replay.)

7. You take the next steps… You make changes to your show based on our recommendations and target buyers with complete confidence. You’ll have a customized plan of action based on proven successful methods.

PLUS – You retain 100% ownership of your show and your earnings. You may use any suggestions we give you however you wish.


If we fail to give you a clear, step-by-step plan of action in your evaluation, then we’ll refund your entire $500 fee. You have nothing to lose!

PayPal credit allows you to pay off your balance in 6 months interest free.

Wire transfer: Call 678-718-5133 to get banking information.
WE HATE SPAM! We will never, ever sell or share your contact info with outside vendors.

Book Your TV Concept Evaluation by Phone: 678-718-5133


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“For anyone wanting to be successful in TV you must be able to put all the parts together starting with the script. The Simons aren’t just supremely professional and helpful but also a pleasure. They are insightful, creative and are genuinely interested in your project. It is the guiding hand many of us need. I highly recommend them early in the process. Save time and a lot of pain.” – Alan Sproles


Q: What will I get out of my Evaluation?

A: You get a clear plan of action on how to move forward with your idea based on our expert assessment of its strengths and weaknesses, plus how to sharpen and target it to potential buyers. We will share with you the insights we gather throughout the year from our meetings with top network and production company execs.

“I really appreciate your thorough and honest assessment of my pilot, your identification of its strengths and issues, and helpful strategies for tweaking, re-packaging and marketing my concept. Most appreciated were your identification of issues I would have been completely unaware of, though it was also great to hear your perspective (and broadcasters’ perspectives, based on your vast experience) on things I was aware of but might not have known to what extent these items would be deal-makers/breakers. Your knowledge about specific things certain broadcasters would be looking for was also incredibly helpful.

Your experienced eyes and willingness to share this invaluable experience with me was truly a gift, and I am so grateful.
Thanks so much!”- Molly Conole, Creative Producer of Ms. Mola’s Make-ola!

Q: How much time do I get in an evaluation?

A: We do not set a time limit. An evaluation typically last 60- 90 minutes.

Q: Can I have my evaluation done in person?

A: Yes! You’re welcome to have your 1-on-1, private evaluation at our studio in Orlando, FL. We’d love to work with you in person!

Q: Can my partner attend the evaluation?

A: Absolutely. We strongly encourage the participation of any and all of your partners for no additional fee.

Q: If I’m more advanced and have even pitched my idea already, what would I get out of an evaluation?

A: You would get our expert opinion on why your show is not selling and suggestions based on what top network and production company execs are telling us about what they’re buying.

Q: How many shows can I have evaluated?

A: We review one show in an evaluation.

Q: What if I have multiple TV show ideas and I want you to tell me which one(s) is the strongest?

A: Please contact our Client Manager at 678-718-5133.

Q: When is the best time for me to have an evaluation?

A: The earlier you have an evaluation with us the better. We can save you time, money, aggravation and help you get it right the first time.

Q: What should I have you evaluate for a reality, non-fiction show?

A: Submit any materials regarding concept, format, design, potential host, access, or rules that you have prepared. You may submit a treatment, one sheet, and sizzle reel for one show. The earlier you have an evaluation with us the better… don’t waste money on things you shouldn’t… like producing a full pilot.

Q: What should I have you evaluate for a scripted show?

A: Submit any materials regarding concept, treatment, script, bible, outline or other material you’ve prepared for one show. We will review your script; however, please understand we’ll not be providing script coverage which is a very detailed analysis of the script. We will review the script in a general way for story, character development, dialogue, and format. The earlier you have an evaluation with us the better… don’t waste money on things you shouldn’t… like producing a full pilot.

Q: Do you provide script coverage services?

A: Yes we do. Please click on this link to find out more: Script Coverage/

Q: What should I have you evaluate for an animated series?

A: Submit any materials regarding concept, format, design, storyboards, treatment, animated short, animatic, script, and character design for one show. The earlier you have an evaluation with us the better… don’t waste money on things you shouldn’t… like producing a full color animatic.

Q: Can I send you my synopsis or demo to review before I have an evaluation so you to tell me what you think of my show?

A: We only review materials when you’ve booked an evaluation and signed our submission release form.

Q: I live outside of U.S. Can I have an evaluation?

A: Yes. Our conference call system is set up to work with Skype. We have many international clients.

Q: How do I know you won’t steal my idea?

A: We do not steal our clients’ ideas. Period. The foundation of our nine-year-old business is TRUST. We’d be out of business overnight if we stole your ideas.

Q: What if I don’t have anything for you to evaluate?

A: As long as you have a basic idea or concept, we can help you flesh out and expand on that concept based on our knowledge of what the industry is looking for and how they want it presented.

Q: Do I get a follow up session?

A: Each evaluation is stand alone. As part of the next steps for your show you may decide to have another evaluation or join another one of our programs.You may have the same show evaluated a second time for only $250. This option is not available online, so contact us directly to set up this session at

“Dear Mark and Jeanne, Everything you said would happen in the pitch did happen! The FOX executive loved my one sheet and loved my pitch. She wants me to come back to LA for a follow up meeting. She is definitely interested in my show. Thank you for everything. None of this could happen without you!”

Margaret Babish
Creator of “Scarlett from the Ashes”

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PayPal credit allows you to pay off your balance in 6 months interest free.

Wire transfer: Call 678-718-5133 to get banking information.
WE HATE SPAM! We will never, ever sell or share your contact info with outside vendors.