Books and CD sets to enhance your success in television and the creative arts.

Storyboards: Motion In Art, 3rd Edition

Updated with 20 new chapters and over 1,000 new samples. This is the bible of the industry and is available in multiple languages.

Author Mark Simon has boarded nearly 3,000 productions, owns a large storyboard company and works in both live-action and animation.

The art of the business and the business of the art are covered completely. Exercises included for teachers and students.

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Thriving Artist CD Set

3 audio CD set to help you earn more money in the creative arts.Click HERE for more information.Also available on Amazon.

Your Resume Sucks

Make your resume work for you. We reveal over 40 resume Myths. Everything you know about resumes is WRONG!

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E-book and print versions available.

Mind Your Creative Business

Mind Your Business Mark SimonOur Price: $15Earn more money in your creative business. Whether you’re an artist, musician, filmmaker or any type of creative, these fun and informative articles are for you.

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Wayne Alfred CarterOur e-book Price: $15Paperback: $18

You Save: $3

These are the personal and often outrageous adventures of a veteran screenwriter who has worked extensively for the major studios, as well as with major directors such as Richard Donner and James Cameron. 237 pages long and is available to you today as a download PDF file.

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Facial Expressions E-book Companion

Over 800 new photos of kids and adults. Great addition to Mark’s existing Expressions books.

Galleries include expressions, hats, fetal skulls, pointing, leaning and the NEW age progression.

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