Why a Treatment is Essential

It is both a development and a sales tool.

When you take the time to thoroughly develop and refine your show on paper treatment form, you’ll understand every aspect of it and…
the BIG BONUS… is you’ll be able to pitch it more effectively.

No other document explains the dynamics and potential of your show better than a well-prepared treatment. A network exec or buyer should be able to read your treatment and ‘get’ exactly what your show is about and how it will play. A treatment IS the single strongest case for your show. The characters, the conflicts, the drama, the humor, the compelling and on-going narrative – it’s all got to be there for anyone to want to pursue your concept further.

A scripted show, whether drama, sitcom, or animation, will need a script to fully convey how an episode will play out – the tone, the pace, the dialogue, the humor, etc. But it also will need a treatment to fully layout the BIG PICTURE for what the themes of the show are, where it’s going, and why it inevitably will be successful.

Any type of show that isn’t scripted – reality, game, docudrama, contest, etc. – simply MUST have a treatment. No show will be seriously considered without one.

What are some of the things a treatment achieves?

  • Describes a well-developed series in an entertaining way
  • Clarifies the show’s drama or humor, as well as the compelling human element
  • Expresses a consistent attitude or distinctive “voice” for the show that is present in every word, example or description
  • Demonstrates an attention to detail and a commitment to professionalism that is grammatically correct and free of typos and other errors
  • Makes a clear case with autobiographical details why you are the one to create and produce this show
  • Builds excitement to read a script or hear more details from the creator
  • Explains clearly the rules or format for a reality, game show, or contest
  • Provides images as needed to help visualize sets, designs, or characters
  • Offers a great leave-behind after a pitch for the potential buyer to further explore your concept and become more emotionally invested

We develop great treatments in collaboration with you, the creator of your show, to make the strongest case possible for your show.

You own every concept, improvement or enhancement we contribute to the development of your show and the writing of your treatment.

Remember, a treatment is anything BUT a boring business plan.

They should be written in the same vein as your show.

  • If your show is a comedy, the treatment should be funny.

  • If your show is an intense drama, it should read that way.

  • If your show is a game show, then the treatment’s primary focus is not just about the rules.

  • If your show is reality, it must feature story and character.

  • If your show is animation, it should be filled with art.

  • If you have an expert background related to the concept of your show, that biographical information must be there.

Work with us if you want to put together a Treatment that Rivals the Best-of-the-Best.

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