Premium Virtual Workshop replay
A-list WGA screenwriter, A. Wayne Carter
shares his insider secrets on how to Sell Your Script

Everyone’s got a script … either on paper or in their head. Maybe you finished yours, maybe you didn’t. Maybe it’s a spec script for a TV series running now, or a pilot for one you hope to sell. Maybe it’s a feature script or idea you’ve been kicking around and wondered just what it takes to see it go further.

What good is your script doing still in your head? Or sitting on a shelf?

Find out how to SELL YOUR SCRIPT in this Premium Virtual Workshop replay featuring WGA A-list scriptwriter Wayne Carter and Sell Your TV Concept Now Co-founder and CEO, Mark Simon.

We’ll cover how to protect it, how to promote it, and how best to PROFIT from it.

These are key Hollywood insider tips from a longtime industry veteran and A-list Writer’s Guild writer who worked at the top levels of the industry selling scripts to Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Fox Television, National Lampoon, HBO, CBS, and many more.

  • Time: Replaying NOW
  • Length: 2 hours and 45 minutes
  • Cost: $79
  • What: Audio presentation with slideshow with printable Resource Guide.

Bonuses: Once you register, download the resource guide which is jam-packed with seminar highlights, exclusive content and templates. PLUS – get an additional Premium Virtual Workshop called “The Truth About Protecting Your Show,” a $49 value, absolutely FREE. So you get two Premium Virtual Workshop for the price of ONE.
Few people in the industry have had Wayne’s success in selling scripts.

  • 10+ feature screenplays sold to major studios (Paramount, Universal, Warner Brothers, National Lampoon, ABC Circle Films, etc.)
  • Worked with directors James Cameron, Richard Donner, Tony Richardson (Best Director Oscar)
  • 4 TV MOWs sold to Fox, CBS/Motown
  • TV scripts sold to CBS, HBO

In This Premium Virtual Workshop, Wayne Will Reveal:

  • 7 quickest ways to have your script instantly rejected
  • Key tips to find industry readers for your script
  • 13 biggest mistakes when completing a first draft script
  • Pitch meeting Dos and Don’ts
  • The first thing you need to do when you get a bite
  • How to negotiate a better deal
  • Why your script is your most important calling card

You’ll Also Discover:

  • The big mistake that can doom your pitch meeting
  • How to get a major star attached to your script
  • How to write better dialogue for more memorable characters
  • 6 secrets of a script deal
  • How script coverage can save you permanent career damage
  • What you need in the perfect query letter or email
  • How to protect your script
  • What agents or managers can do or not do for your script
  • How not to go insane waiting for the phone to ring

This Hit Maker Webinar Is for You if You:

  • Have finished a TV or feature script or are writing one
  • Want to understand how to create better story and characters
  • Are not sure what your next step is or who to contact
  • Want to improve your script so that it’s rejection-proof
  • Want to know the best way to promote or pitch your script
  • Seriously want to sell your script to Hollywood or elsewhere

BONUSES: How to Sell Your Script in quotations Resource Guide. Absolutely FREE!

  • A downloadable Sell Your Script Resource Guide to use during and after the webinar
  • Literary agency Guidelines for their staff when agents pitch and sell a client’s script
  • Sample template for a query letter or email to a producer or executive
  • Industry resources and links for targeting potential market producers or production companies
  • Handy reminder of key points from the Webinar

“The Truth About Protecting Your Show” Premium Virtual Workshop

  • A complete and separate pre-recorded Virtual Workshop on the realities of protecting your script or concept
  • All the information you need to keep from ever worrying again.
  • Online streaming, or MP3.
  • Available anytime after you register!
  • $49 value. Free when you buy the How To Sell Your Script Premium Virtual Workshop.

Wayne will take you step-by-step through every phase of creating a great script, discovering the best market for it, and delivering the best pitch or email to get it read and to get it sold.
Together with your host, Mark Simon, we’ll uncover everything standing in your way from getting your script the serious attention and consideration possible from industry production companies, networks, studios and insiders. to ensure its success for you as a writer or show creator.

Discover more as Webinar participants ask Wayne or Mark answer LIVE questions to further make your dream of a script sale closer to reality and to ensure its success for you as a screenwriter or show creator.


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Who is A. Wayne Carter?

  • 10+ feature screenplays sold to major studios (Paramount, Universal, Warner Brothers, National Lampoon, ABC Circle Films, etc.)
  • Worked with directors James Cameron, Richard Donner, Tony Richardson (Best Director Oscar)
  • 4 TV MOWs sold to Fox, CBS/Motown
  • Featured writer, HBO series, The Investigators (Barry Levinson, producer)
  • Scripted National Lampoon pilot for CBS
  • Scripted pilot for Ed McMahon’s Next Big Star (ran two seasons syndicated)
  • 6+ independent feature screenplay deals, including remake of Kickboxer for Kings Road Entertainment
  • Sunset Fire TV pilot script winner at 13 film festivals, including first place at Las Vegas Film Festival 2011
  • More than 70 corporate industrial films scripted and produced
  • Taught college scriptwriting classes
  • Featured speaker at writers’ conferences and seminars
  • WGA member since 1980
  • 6 different agents, 2 managers, attorneys, etc.


Hosted by Mark Simon, CEO Co-founder of
Mark Simon is 25-year in the entertainment industry as a producer and director for live action and animation, writing and lecturing, and amassing over 3,000 production credits. He’s pitched and sold more than 25 production and distribution deals for his original concepts, and worked with Disney, Nickelodeon, The Golf Channel, HSN and other networks pitching in-house productions. His storyboard and animation companies have included clients such as Disney, Universal, Viacom, Sony, HBO, Nickelodeon, FOX, Steven Spielberg, USA Networks, ABC Television and many others. He is also the author of ten popular industry texts, and lectures around the world at major conferences, entertainment trade schools and universities.