Rave Reviews

This video review was shot at our Hit Maker Summit event held in Orlando, FL. Many of these clients continued on with us to the major TV conferences on our Hit Maker Tour.

Well, I have to tell you guys that having come across you has been a blessing to me. I am yet to make my first sale, and let me tell you that I am well on my path, but you have given me a clear direction to move in. 
Thanks very much for your awesome home study course, your generous seminars and for the kind thought behind your business model. Your work is motivated by kindness and love and that’s proven to be vital for me in planning my own business. I wish you tons of success and fame and all the good stuff you wish for yourselves and for your lovely family!
Warmest regards, 
Richa Khandelwal Bhat
CEO & Creative Director
Keshava Productions, LLC.

Client-David LyonsTo ‘make it’ in the entertainment business takes a tremendous amount of creative abilities, developmental work and more know how than you can imagine.  This journey has taken me down many roads to get to where I am today as the President and Executive Producer of Bishop-Lyons Entertainment, partners of mega giant ITV Studios.  I now work with many top suppliers to the networks such as FOX Studios, Left Right Productions, Triage Entertainment and others. I have come to a place most with entertainment aspirations would dream to be. 

At the beginning stage of entering into this industry, I decided to create an animated project called Creepers.  I was told by many it was an impossible task with no prior experience.  I reached out to countless producers, directors, animators and executives in the animation world to guide my way, only to find dead ends.  No one would help. Then I met Mark & Jeanne Simon.

Instead of shooting me down like the rest, Mark & Jeanne encouraged me. They put their creative minds and development into my project and made my characters come to life in a way only Mark & Jeanne could.  But they did not stop there. They secured production with the DAVE School and produced a pilot which not only went on to win over 30 international awards and accolades but also landed a distribution deal.

It has been 7 years since I met the Simons and I can say today, as I sit in my office in Los Angeles, that it was one of the highlights of my career.

David Lyons
Executive Producer
Bishop Lyons Entertainment

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Mark & Jeanne,
Excellent. We really appreciated your candor, even though you know you’re dealing with someone’s “baby” you weren’t afraid to be direct up front. You didn’t dance around it, you said “no one will buy Dancercise” etc, and your willingness to say it as it is really enhances the credibility of all of your advice. We felt that you really understood what was needed, and in 50 minutes we got enormous value and direction.
We feel very confident about our show now. While we have to revise the pitch and do a lot of hard work on areas we had not considered, you steered us constructively where we needed to go, and we can avoid thrashing around just guessing. Absent this advice we might have ended up spending the first few thousand dollars pitching something that no one would ever buy. You exceeded our expectations in spades.Simon Wiltshire and TessaThey go by their years of experience to tell you what is going through the mind of a TV executive.Mark and Jeanne were honest about their assessment of my idea and the potential market for shows like mine. They not only looked at my show idea but they looked at my actual pitch and my marketing materials. They were friendly and really took an interest in my project. They really do want to help you succeed and for the time you’re with them you feel that your project is OUR project and they are giving you their best advice.Not only was I reinvigorated but I woke up at 5 am with a new twist on my same idea which I’m really jazzed about and I’m confident could work.Kerwin McLaughlin

Thank you so much for the generous gift of your time.

I really appreciate your thorough and honest assessment of my pilot, your identification of its strengths and issues, and helpful strategies for tweaking, re-packaging and marketing my concept. Most appreciated were your identification of issues I would have been completely unaware of, though it was also great to hear your perspective (and broadcasters’ perspectives, based on your vast experience) on things I was aware of but might not have known to what extent these items would be deal-makers/breakers. Your knowledge about specific things certain broadcasters would be looking for was also incredibly helpful.

Your experienced eyes and willingness to share this invaluable experience with me was truly a gift, and I am so grateful.

I look forward to seeing you @ Kidscreen, Mark, so that I may have a chance to thank you personally…and we can compare colorful outfits! :) And I similarly look forward to the pleasure of meeting you in person, too, Jeanne.

Thanks so much,

:) Molly

Molly Conole
(aka Ms. Mola Conola)
Ms. Mola’s Make-ola!
Creative Producer
MolaConola Productions, LLC


One of the things I’ve always admired about Mark Simon is his demanding Presence. When he talks people want to listen, or feel as if they have to. I think the reason why is that he has successfully done ( and is currently doing ) the things we ( or I ) would love to do, or better yet has lived the life most of us have wanted to live. It is said that Success demands attention and Mark Simon has both.
Tony Ross


Dear Mark and Jeanne,
Thank you so much for your invaluable advice and feedback on my Handy Goddess character. I’ve been non-stop on all the information you’ve shared with me since we got off the phone yesterday. I’m excited and ready to develop and have fun with this personality.

Thank you again,

Barbara Wurden
The Handy Goddess
As seen on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno


For anyone wanting to be successful in TV you must be able to put all the parts together starting with the script. The Simons aren’t just supremely professional and helpful but also a pleasure. They are insightful, creative and are genuinely interested in your project. It is the guiding hand many of us need. I highly recommend them early in the process. Save time and a lot of pain.

Alan Sproles
Visalia, Ca.