Premium Virtual Workshop Replays

Find out how the TV business really works from industry heavyweights. Mark and Jeanne Simon selected all of the expert guests for these workshops based on their extraordinary success and depth of experience.

These Premium Virtual Workshop replays are for those ready to take a quantum leap in their understanding of the TV biz and what it takes to pitch and sell shows.

Seminar events or media courses revealing this information would cost hundreds. Here you have these courses in the convenience of your home, and for as often as you want to replay them.

  • These workshops or webinars are audio recordings. Most of them are supported visually with live slide shows. They ARE NOT videos.
  • Listen to the recordings as many times as you want when you want.
  • Bonuses alone are worth more than the price of the webinar. The bonuses are in the form of a workbook you can download and print.
  • Click on an event title for more information and once you make your purchase YOU WILL BE EMAILED A LINK to access your purchase.

Pitching Animation with Max Howard & Mark Simon

Pitching Animation with Max Howard & Mark Simon + IGOR

In this Hit Maker Seminar, you’ll discover:

  • How to pitch animation
  • Where to pitch your animation
  • How to land great pitch meetings
  • The biggest pitch mistakes to avoid
  • The #1 element you MUST have
  • 8 Steps to creating a story
  • How Max sold the film Igor
  • How project titles matter
  • How Mark pitched 35 times in 1 day

When: Replaying NOW
Time: When YOU want
Cost: $95
Length: 3.5 hours
Where: Streaming Online.

  • Sample treatment
  • Sample 1-sheet
  • Sample contracts
  • Huge workbook
  • Software discounts

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Pitching animation
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How to pitch animation

Producing A Profit In Animation with Max Howard and Mark Simon

Do you have an idea for an animated feature or TV series? How do you make sure you don’t lose your shirt in production? Discover how to produce your own hit animated film.

  • Where to pitch animation
  • How to save million$
  • Where to raise production funds
  • When to set up a toy deal
  • How to work with star actors
  • If you should produce a pilot
  • The best studios to work with
  • and MUCH, MUCH MORE…
Length: 3 hours
Cost: $95
Where: Anywhere – online
What: Web slide show with live audio.Producing A Profit In Animation with Max Howard and Mark Simon
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Will Someone Steal My TV Idea?!!

In this webinar Mark and Jeanne Simon cover the realities of protecting your concept and bust the myths of stolen ideas.

You’ll find out:

  • Number One way to NOT SELL your show
  • When’s the right time to register your work
  • What makes an idea original
  • The myth behind stories of stolen concepts
  • If the Web is the right place to showcase your idea

In this Master Class teleseminar/webinar, we’ll reveal:

  • Can a network just take my idea and do it without me?
  • Is a Submission Release Form a license to steal?
  • How safe is my title?
  • Will my paranoia destroy my pitch or sabotage my chances?
  • Is a WGA registration enough protection?
  • What’s my best safeguard against being ripped off?
  • (The answer may surprise you!)
Cost: $85
Will Someone Steal My TV Idea?!!

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Sell Your Script

Guest Wayne Carter has sold more than 10 feature screenplays to the major studios, including Universal, Paramount Pictures, Fox, and National Lampoon. He worked with major directors on projects based on his own screenplays, including Richard Donner, and Academy Award-winning directors Tony Richardson and James Cameron.Wayne and Mark will cover everything you need to know to sell your script.

  • 7 quickest ways to have your script instantly rejected
  • 13 biggest mistakes when completing a first draft script
  • Pitch meeting Dos and Don’ts
  • How to negotiate a better deal
  • Mistakes that doom your pitch
  • How to attach a major star
  • 6 secrets of a script deal
  • The perfect query letter
  • How to protect your script
  • How not to go insane waiting for the phone to ring
Where: Streaming Online
Cost: $79
Length: 2 hours and 45 minutes
What: Streaming audio presentation with web slide show
* Resource Guide
* “The Truth About Protecting Your TV Show” Premium Virtual Workshop
Wayne Carter with his pile of scripts
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How Adora Sold 15 Shows

Join us, Mark and Jeanne Simon, for an evening with Adora English, TV creator, producer and media coach. Adora has created and sold 15 of her own series.

  • Discover her pitch secrets
  • Avoid pitch-killing mistakes
  • Get sample treatments
  • How to attach talent
  • Step-by-step deal details
    …and much, much more

This webinar is for…

  • TV show creators
  • Producers
  • Writers
  • Anyone who wants to sell a TV show
Length: 2.5 hours
Cost: $147
What: Web slide show with audio
Bonuses: 2 Downloadable treatments Adora used to sell shows to NBC and ABC Family.
Value: Thousand$
How Adora sold 15 TV shows

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Reality of Reality TV

Join us, Mark and Jeanne Simon, for a telephone seminar/webinar replaying now where we uncover the dirty little secrets of reality TV that you need to know to pitch your show, produce a reality show, or be cast in one.This webinar is for…

  • TV show creators
  • Producers
  • Actors
  • Directors
  • Writers
Length: 2.5 hours long
Cost: $79
What:Web slide show with audio.
Bonuses: Reality treatment template
Breakdown on reality genre and more.

Reality TV

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