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Talking points and sample questions for Mark & Jeanne Simon

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Current topics:
Reality TV is not Real. The secrets behind the top reality TV shows.


Mark Simon is 26-year in the entertainment industry as a producer and director for live action and animation, writing and lecturing, and amassing over 3,000 production credits. Mark has pitched and sold more than 40 production and distribution deals for his original concepts, and worked with Disney, Nickelodeon, The Golf Channel, HSN and other networks pitching in-house productions.

Mark won a 2012 Prime Time Engineering Emmy for his work with the Toon Boom software team behind Storyboard Pro. He was also inducted into the DAVE School (Digital Animation & Visual Effects School) Hall of Fame as their third inductee.

Sell Your TV Concept Now, Inc. is one of three national companies Simon owns and runs in Orlando, Florida. It was inspired by countless requests from both industry insiders and eager outsiders wanting to tap into Mark’s pitching techniques and success record.

His storyboard and animation companies have included clients such as Disney, Universal, Viacom, Sony, HBO, Nickelodeon, FOX, Starz, Steven Spielberg, USA Networks, ABC Television and many others. He is the animation producer of Fox’s Tooth Fairy 2 starring Larry the Cable Guy and Universal’s 2014 release of Little Rascals. He is also the author of ten popular industry texts, and lectures around the world at major conferences, entertainment trade schools and universities.

Jeanne Pappas Simon has been a producer, writer, and content creator for the major TV networks and studios in the entertainment industry for more than 25 years.
She has produced more than 400 television series episodes such as Nickelodeon’s Clarissa Explains It All, Roundhouse, Weinerville, Gullah Gullah Island, and Allegra’s Window. Jeanne also created the format for International Blue’s Clues and produced the Cartoon Network’s first live-action series, Carrot Top’s A.M. Mayhem. She also was the writer/producer/director on TNN’s reality series Roller Jam, developed, pitched and produced ZigZag for Animal Planet, which aired for two seasons, and wrote for the ABC series Secrets of the Animal Kingdom.

Jeanne and Mark moved from L.A. to Orlando to help launch Nickelodeon Studios at Universal. While there, she developed the Nickelodeon production management book and produced many of Nickelodeon’s top-rated shows, including half of Nickelodeon’s Saturday night prime-time block, Snick.

In addition to her work in production, she has had notable success as a creator of content. The Gen X network she co-developed for Turner Broadcasting was green lit by Ted Turner and Scott Sassa.

Sell Your TV Concept Now, Inc. helps people to sell their TV show ideas with consulting, conferences, contacts, sample treatments and bibles, fill-in-the-blank templates, training and more. Clients work with a former Nickelodeon and reality show producer and award-winning development to help them to sell their show.

You can contact them at 407-351-0893 or


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Mark & Jeanne Simon headshot – Horizontal; Mark and Jeanne Simon in screen.png

Jeanne Simon headshot - jeanne_CL_9-09 cropped.jpg


Jeanne Simon headshot, transparent BG – Jeanne_CL_9-09_cropped.png



Jeanne Simon medium shot with transparent background – Jeanne_CL_med_9-09.png

Mark Simon headshot – Mark Simon headshot, 12-05.jpg

Mark Simon
Mark Simon on dock - Mark Simon, leaning on dock, 12-05.JPG

Mark Simon
Mark Simon with transparent background - Mark Simon with transparent BG.png

Mark Simon - Animation Director
Mark Simon – Animation Commander - Mark_Simon-tank_commander.jpg

Free Television Training – How to Sell a TV Show in 26 Easy Steps - TV_training_set.jpg

Give a Living Rose
On the set of Give A Living Rose. From the left, founders Mark & Jeanne Simon, producer Monya Clayborn, host Kelly Lang, Olympic skating coach Don Laws and Olympian/announcer Scott Hamilton. Monya sold her show one week after working with Mark & Jeanne. living_rose.jpg

Handy Goddess
Sell Your TV Concept Now client Barbara Wurden, creator of the Handy Goddess, on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.



Sell Your TV Concept Now logo with text block
Sell Your TV Concept NOW! logo with text block, horizontal- Sell_TV_logo_wText_Horiz_LG_RGB.png

Sell Your TV Concept Now logo with text
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TV Pitch School
TV Pitch School – The Ultimate Home Study Course for TV show creators - TV Pitch School, 3 stacked back.jpg

Media Experience :

Television Interviews

* Wayne Brady Show, Los Angeles

* News Broadcaster (Jeanne Simon)- KBSI-TV Cape Girardeau, MO

* Mixed Media, St Louis

* Your Morning on CN8, Philadelphia (CNN live feed)

* Live It Up with Donna Drake

* Daytime, WFLA-NBC Tampa

* Wealth TV – HD Network, 4 segments live from ComicCon

* Jobing TV

* Good Morning Orlando, FOX – Guest 4 times

* The Name of the Game with Tim E. D.

* CBS News, Motion Capture interview and demo

* Fox News, Motion Capture demonstration

* Name Your Adventure, network series interview

* Fox News, local animation expert

* NBC News, local animation expert

* CBS News, local animation expert

* ABC News, local production expert

* Orlando 13 News, local animation expert

* Backstage Pass, 30 minute interview on OCTV

* Behind The Indie Camera – Animation interview on OCTV

* Producing Animation, Host of Telly-Award winning documentary

* V.I.P. – Houston. 30 minute interview

* SFATV2, regional interview

Radio Interviews

* WMKT Morning Show, The Talk Station – Fox News Radio

* The Mancow Show, Nationally syndicated morning show

* PYX 106, Albany, NY, Wakin’ Up With the Wolf

* The Keeler Show, Bill Keeler (returning guests)

* Rob and Joss in the Morning, Froggy 92.9, Santa Rosa, CA

* WBBB, Demitri & Salt

* Real Views & Real News, KNFX 1100

* Don on the Weekend, St Louis, MO

* Boomers Rock on FTNS Radio (returning guests)

* The PoppOff Show with Mary Jane Popp, KAHI

* The Live Show with Sonjia Vaughn, KTLR Oklahoma City

* Straight Talk with Bill Paul, 106.9 FM, Ontario

* WQQB, Nikki St. John, Champaign, Il

* Mike & Mindy in the Morning, Melbourne, FL

* Tuning in with Betsy, New York, NY

* Sugar and Squirrel, Q93 FM, Alexandia, LA

* KBZY, Terry Sol, Oregon

* Super Talk 1560 WTOD, Toledo Today, Tom Watkins

* WKLS-FM Atlanta

* Howard Talks, AM Nashville

* Keeler in the Morning, KISS-FM 97.9

* Terry & Tom KQRF, Minneisota

* Steve Deace, Des Moines

* Rod Williams, KWNA-1400, Drive-Time Nevada

* Dan Rivers, WKBN-570

* Moose in the Morning, KIMX 96.7

* Dean Damato, WNJC 1360, New Jersey

* Thou Shalt Not Whine, January Jones,

* Wibitz, Queen of Fun, Hawaii

* The January Jones Show

* The Brian Greenberg Show, AM 1360, WNJC

* Dave’s Gone By, AM 1240, WGBB

* The Bob Cudmore Show, AM 1570, WVTL, NY

* Richard Cloutier Reports, CJOB-AM, Winnipeg, Manitoba

* The Michael Dresser Show, AM 1540

* Amazing Women,

* The Jackie Jones Show, KFNY

* The Writer’s Radio Resource

* Rise and Shine, WONU-FM 89.7

* Sci-Fi Radio Show, 3 hour interview, Orlando

* The Film Guys, WORL-660 AM, Orlando

…and dozens more


* Sell Your TV Concept Now Program Training Materials

* Your Resume Sucks

* Producing Independent 2D Character Animation

* Storyboards: Motion In Art

* Facial Expressions

* Facial Expressions: Babies to Teens

* Mind Your Creative Business

* The Art Direction Workbook

* BizJournals – 3 weekly resume articles

* Animation Magazine – Monthly articles

* AWN, Animation World Network – Monthly articles – Click HERE to read

* Digital Content Creation

* Cinefex

* Create Magazine

* Filmmaker Magazine

* Student Filmmaker Magazine

* Me Magazine

Public Speaking

CLICK HERE to download our booklet of LECTURES

* ComicCon, San Diego

* Hosts – Hit Makers Summit

* NATPE PitchCon

* Screenwriting Expo

* teleseminars

* webinars

* Ottawa International Animation Festival

* TAC – Television Animation Conference

* National Publicity Summit

* Caricature Network Convention

* National Cartoonists Society (NCS)

* E-Create Barbados Symposium

* KingstOOn – Jamaica

* Success In The World of Comics

* MegaCon, Orlando

* Animex, Teeside, England

* Animation event, Bogota, Colombia

* 2nd International Forum on China Culture Industry, Taijuan, China

* Batallon 52, Guadalajara, Mexico

* Mexcaltitan, Puerto Viarta, Mexico

* DragonCon, Atlanta

* Animation Guild, Local 839

* DAVE (Digital Animation & Visual Effects) School at Universal Studios

* Red Stick Int. Festival of Animation


* Tony Teaches

* 3D Conference & Expo

* Showbiz West

* Women In Film

* Disney

* Digital Domain

* Kidflix Film Festival

* DV Expo

* The Art Institutes

* FMPTA (Florida Motion Picture & Television Association)

* Orange County Library System

* University of Central Florida

* Full Sail University

* IUPUI – Indianapolis

* Orlando Small Business Chamber

* Valencia Community College

* University of Hawaii

* Freaks & Geeks

* Barnes & Noble (multiple signings)

* Misc. colleges and high schools

Audio/Video Products

* Thriving Artist, 3 CD audio set (

* Power Pitches, 3 CD audio set

* Tv Experts on CD, 12 CD audio set (

* Sell Your TV Concept Now, 21 training CDs (

* The Storyboard Pitch, DVD (

* TV Pitch School, 15 CD training set (

Print Appearances

* USA Today

* Post Magazine, multiple appearances

* Kidscreen Magazine

* Starlog Magazine, 4 page spread

* Animation Reporter, India magazine

* Animation Today, India magazine

* AWN, multiple appearances

* Animation Magazine, multiple appearances

* China newspapers, multiple appearances

* Dr. Phillips Lifestyle, multiple appearances

* Create Magazine

* Skwigly Magazine

* Banff Crag & Canyon

* Markee Magazine, multiple appearances

* Marketing by Deepak blog

* business blog

* The Advocate

* Animation Flash

* Orlando Business Journal, dozens of articles

* Orlando Sentinel, many articles

* Your Career In Animation by David Levy, book

* Artists & Graphic Designers Market, book, profile

* The Art of the Storyboard by John Hart, book

Media Examples Below

Mark & Jeanne interviewed on Keeler in the Morning – keeler-in-the-morning.mp3

Mark interviewed on Bob Cudmore’s radio show – bob_cudmore_int_10-13-06.mp3

Jeanne on Voice America Women – Jeanne on Amazing Women.mp3

Interview with horror make-up master Tom Savini – jeanne_and_mark_simon_podcast_with_tom_savini.mp3


Jeanne & Mark interviewed on NBC’s Daytime – daytime_int_09-06.wmv

Mark intros his documentary on animation –

Jeanne on Amazing Women

Mark & Jeanne on Daytime
Mark & Jeanne Simon on Daytime, NBC Tampa

Mark Simon at ComicCon 2007
Mark Simon speaking at San Diego ComicCon 2007.

Mark Simon lecturing in China
Mark Simon lecturing in China at the 2nd International Forum on China Culture Industry

Mark Simon on CBS
Mark Simon as animation expert on CBS.

Mark Simon on Fox
Mark Simon on Fox 35, Orlando

Mark Simon on Sci Fi radio
Mark Simon, left, on Sci Fi Radio

Storyboard Pro training in Guadalajara
Mark Simon, right, training the Batallon 52 storyboard crew in Guadalajara, Mexico

Production Images:

Crew shot of Clarissa Explains It All, Nickelodeon. Mitchell Kreigman creator, on the couch in the red vest. Jeanne Simon, producer, standing directly behind him. - Jeanne Simon and crew on Clarissa.jpg

Jeanne Simon and Mel Gibson
Jeanne Simon with Mel Gibson on the set of Lethal Weapon 2. Jeanne 2nd unit coordinator - Jeanne Simon and Mel Gibson.jpg

Jeanne Simon directing Rollerjam
Jeanne Simon directing the character segments on TNNs RollerjamJeanne Simon directing Rollerjam segments.jpg

Mark Simon and Tony Curtis
Mark Simon and screen legend Tony Curtis. Mark was the production designer on Curtis’s feature film, MidnightMark Simon and Tony Curtis.jpg

Mark Simon and Anson Williams
Mark Simon and NBC’s seaQuest director Anson Williams. Anson is known for being Potsy on Happy Days. Mark was the story artist on seaQuest - Mark Simon and Anson Williams.jpg

Mark Simon directing seaQuest
Mark Simon, right, directing second unit on Spielberg’s NBC series, seaQuest DSV - Mark Simon 2nd Unit directing on SQ.jpg

Program/Product Images:

Max Howard teleseminar
Producing Animated Films teleseminar with Max Howard. Links to