You have an idea for a TV show you’ve been playing around with. Or maybe even several ideas.

You may have already told some friends or family about one or more ideas.

They’ve been encouraging. You’ve gotten positive feedback.

You may have had success in other areas of life, but wouldn’t it be great if you could devote more time to pursuing one or more of these ideas and turn them into a fulfilling and creative bonanza? Take meetings in Hollywood or at television conferences? Meet the top producers? Become the prime focus of a team turning YOUR IDEA into a hit television series?!

You found the right path. And it begins here.

This path of our program is designed to walk people who are new to developing and pitching TV through an easy-to-follow, fast-track progression of steps to…

  • ORIENT yourself to the process, pitfalls and possibilities of selling a TV series.
  • IDENTIFY your best idea through expert evaluation.
  • DEVELOP your idea through guided study courses and professional advice and examples.
  • PERFECT your idea and pitch with live mentoring sessions with Mark or Jeanne.



“How to Sell a TV Show in 26 Easy Steps”

Selling a TV show may seem like an impossible task when looking from the outside, but when you follow these 26 easy INSIDER steps you’ll see how ANYONE can sell an idea IF THEY ARE PROFESSIONALLY PREPAIRED.

This 3-part Free Audio Television Training Course will kick off your preparation and launch you toward our fast-track PATHS to making your TV show dream a reality.

You’ll discover:

  • There’s never been a better opportunity to sell an idea
  • How many channels are looking for a show like yours
  • Anyone can sell an idea if you follow the 26 steps to be professionally prepared.
  • Hollywood insider secrets to pitching like a pro.
  • Which classic mistakes can doom your project right from the start.
  • How working with a mentor can save you years of wasted time and thousands of wasted dollars.
  • How a TV treatment is much more than just a sales tool.
  • How to land an agent.
  • Network executives’ number one complaint about pitches.
  • A downloadable PDF handout of the entire 26 steps!
  • Simple exercises to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goal faster.

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This 30-MINUTE phone or Skype session from your location will identify your best idea and its strongest elements and we’ll end by giving you a game plan to move forward toward selling your show.

This is the step on the path where you begin to find out whether you have something marketable and what you need to do to take it to the next level.

  • Does your concept have a strong enough hook?
  • Will it sustain as a continuing series?
  • Is it cast-able? Are there any potential break-out characters (or preferred host)
  • Do you have a sample script or pilot yet?
  • What’s your next step?
“Thanks to your pitch training, we sold our show to a network! We were in production a week after pitch.”
– Monya Clayborn, Producer of Give a Living Rose

BOOK A CONCEPT EVALUATION: Call 407.351.0893 and tell our receptionist that you’d like to book a session. Please have your calendar available.


You now have a specific idea and direction to go, so this step walks you through a Do-it-yourself kit to completely orient and prepare you for everything you will need to turn your idea into a bulletproof pitch.

The TV Pitch Kit is the one all-inclusive Do-it-yourself course to guide you from “I’ve got an idea” to “Get me a meeting,” including advice and interviews with industry professionals, PLUS comprehensive examples of one-sheets, treatments, formats, and other essential pitch materials.

Benefits include:

  • The insider secrets on how to pitch like a seasoned pro
  • How to pitch without an agent
  • Where to pitch your show
  • What networks want to see from you
  • Easy to follow treatment templates
  • Fill-in-the-blank pitch meeting scripts
  • What you need to bring to a pitch
  • How to create stronger characters (even for your reality show)
  • What makes you the best producer for your concept
  • The questions you must be able to answer in a pitch
  • Samples of successful show treatments with commentary
  • Network submission guidelines
  • What goes into a 1-sheet (show sales sheet)
  • The 50 greatest pitch strategies of all time
  • 5 actual sample production bibles/treatments for …
    • Reality (Reality treatment template and actual treatment)
    • Animation
    • Kids Show
    • Comedy (same layout as drama)
    • Talk Show

“This course should save me a ton of time and cut my learning curve significantly. I have spent many days and hours researching this stuff on my own and have found only a fraction of what this course offers. Just the time savings alone is worth the investment in this course.”
Rick T.

The TV Pitch School has everything you could ever want to develop, package, & pitch your TV show at a tremendous price break!

SRP – $575
Discounted Price – $397
You save – $178
(Over 31% discount.)

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Now that you have your show and pitch materials developed, you’re ready for a personal one-on-one breakthrough session with Mark or Jeanne that puts your materials through a trial of fire and prepares you for the pressure of a live pitch.

You only get one chance when you go in to a pitch, so INVEST IN YOURSELF and your pitch to make sure you do it RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.
Sessions include:
  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Expert review of all materials written or recorded
  • Expert analysis and feedback on presentation, storytelling, character development, writing style & tone, and visual impact
  • We’ll make sure you have what the networks want to see.
  • Professional live pitch evaluation and preparation, including target markets, questions to anticipate, answers to provide, how to make yourself ESSENTIAL to be a producer on the show, and how to follow up
  • Sizzle Reel evaluation
  • Recording of the session provided for ongoing reference, and so you don’t have to worry about taking notes during the session.

We call these “BREAKTHROUGH SESSIONS” because, in one session, we can take your idea and turn it into an actual television show. At the end of every session, you will get an action plan so you will know what to do next and exactly how to get it done.

This is our most powerful launch to your experience working together with us. We become your mentors; you are not alone.

This is where your idea really starts to become a reality.

We felt that you really understood what was needed, and in 60 minutes we got enormous value and direction. You exceeded our expectations in spades.”
- Simon Wiltshire and Tessa

BOOK A SESSION: Call 407.351.0893 and tell our receptionist that you’d like to book a session. Please have your calendar available.