You not only have an idea you want to focus on, but you know exactly what your show is, how it’s formatted, and possibly have a treatment or a script.

You’re itching to pitch it to someone who is in a position to buy it and put it on the air.

But this is where many show creators get ahead of themselves and make the fatal mistake of letting their enthusiasm get ahead of their final preparation.

Don’t TEST DRIVE your pitch in front of a network executive or producer.

If your pitch or show is not as ready as you think, or you’re not prepared to overcome objections and answer every question put to you, you will doom your show before it even gets out the gate.

And now you’ve burned a bridge to one buyer you can’t bring the same show back to because they’ve already rejected it.

So what do you do?

You practice and get your pitch perfect in simulated pitch meeting sessions with US FIRST.

This path of this program is designed to finalize your pitch preparation and expose you to industry opportunities where you can test your pitch and begin lining up formal opportunities to present and sell it. You will:

  • ORIENT yourself to the process, pitfalls and possibilities of selling a TV series.
  • IDENTIFY the strength of your idea or pitch through expert evaluation.
  • FINALIZE the promotional materials for your pitch with the most valuable tool for quickly introducing your concept to execs … a customized 1-SHEET.
  • REHEARSE your pitch in the ultimate boot camps for fire-testing your pitch in a competitive and simulated industry environment – our Hit Makers Summit.
  • LAUNCH your pitch and make key connections at entertainment industry conferences in our Hit Makers Tour.



“How to Sell a TV Show in 26 Easy Steps”

Selling a TV show may seem like an impossible task when looking from the outside, but when you follow these 26 easy INSIDER steps you’ll see how ANYONE can sell an idea IF THEY ARE PROFESSIONALLY PREPARED.

This 3-part Free Audio Television Training Course will kick off your preparation and launch you toward our fast-track PATHS to making your TV show dream a reality.

You’ll discover:

  • There’s never been a better opportunity to sell an idea
  • How many channels are looking for a show like yours
  • Anyone can sell an idea if you follow the 26 steps to be professionally prepared.
  • Hollywood insider secrets to pitching like a pro.
  • Which classic mistakes can doom your project right from the start.
  • How working with a mentor can save you years of wasted time and thousands of wasted dollars.
  • How a TV treatment is much more than just a sales tool.
  • How to land an agent.
  • Network executives’ number one complaint about pitches.
  • A downloadable PDF handout of the entire 26 steps!
  • Simple exercises to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goal faster.

Fill out this brief form, watch your email for a message from us, and take the first step to achieving your Hollywood dream RIGHT NOW.





Now that you have your show and pitch materials developed, you’re ready for a personal one-on-one breakthrough session with Mark or Jeanne that puts your materials through a trial of fire and prepares you for the pressure of a live pitch.

You only get one chance when you go in to a pitch, so INVEST IN YOURSELF and your pitch to make sure you do it RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.

Sessions include:

  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Expert review of all materials written or recorded
  • Expert analysis and feedback on presentation, storytelling, character development, writing style & tone, and visual impact
  • We’ll make sure you have what the networks want to see.
  • Professional live pitch evaluation and preparation, including target markets, questions to anticipate, answers to provide, how to make yourself ESSENTIAL to be a producer on the show, and how to follow up
  • Sizzle Reel evaluation
  • Recording of the session provided for ongoing reference, and so you don’t have to worry about taking notes during the session.

We call these “BREAKTHROUGH SESSIONS” because, in one session, we can take your idea and turn it into an actual television show. At the end of every session, you will get an action plan so you will know what to do next and exactly how to get it done.

This is our most powerful launch to your experience working together with us. We become your mentors; you are not alone.

This is where your idea really starts to become a reality.

We felt that you really understood what was needed, and in 60 minutes we got enormous value and direction. You exceeded our expectations in spades.”
- Simon and Tessa Wiltshire

BOOK A SESSION: Call 407.351.0893 and tell our receptionist that you’d like to book a session. Please have your calendar available.



Your Show is a NO-GO without a 1-Sheet!

This is the industry standard leave-behind for any pitch or meeting.

It’s the indispensable calling card for instantly imprinting your concept into an exec’s mind and memory.

In an era when no one wants to read anything longer than “how r u,” the 1-Sheet is an even more valuable tool to visually communicate what your show is all about in seconds.

Our designers and writers will:

• Make a powerful visual impression that tells the story and appeal of your show
• Feature a show overview that makes immediate impact

• Give you professional credibility as a Hollywood insider
• Include episode descriptions that prove your show can sustain multiple seasons
• Make excellent covers for treatments, which you can also blow up to use as a poster.

Basic Package: $2,297

• 2 phone design consults with our expert team
• 12 hours of design and layout
($140/hour after 12 hours)
• Information/ Text design
• Professional editing and proofreading of text
• Background visual design
• Image/photography retouch
• Title logo design for on 1-sheet only

• Consult with photographer or artist when needed
• Each design element may be delivered separately
• Content review/consult with Jeanne Simon
• Delivery of print-ready final design

GET HELP WITH YOUR 1-SHEET: Call 407.351.0893 and tell our receptionist that you’d like to talk with some one about your 1-sheet.

Yes, I am pleased that Rick’s project is in consideration at DirecTV. I sure found it valuable to have this show in my quiver. In each instance it raises my own viability for the next pitch. It sure is fun to toss around your excellent 1-sheets. You guys did a KILLER JOB with that one.”
– Doug Stanley, Producer “Deadliest Catch”



Get your TV show ready to sell in THREE DAYS!

Our crash course boot camp is the most energized and effective experience you will ever have to FAST TRACK your TV show idea from potential to PROFESSIONAL in just THREE DAYS.

No matter how prepared you think you are when you walk in, you will be amazed how much better your TV show is when you walk out. This is the tribunal of fire, where you will test market your idea in a competitive arena, expose its weaknesses, find its true strengths, develop it beyond your wildest expectations, and emerge with a clear strategy to finalize your TV show pitch and SELL IT in the industry marketplace.

Our Hit Makers Summit is hugely popular because of the results, inspirations, contacts, friendships, insider information, and direction that attendees come away with.

During this unique experience you will:

  • Work directly with TV show development experts and creators
  • Learn industry pitch secrets, dos and don’ts
  • Get valuable instant feedback from group workshops
  • Practice and deliver your pitch in a simulated meeting setting
  • Gather countless tips on how to schedule and take pitch meetings
  • Have all your materials reviewed, analyzed and improved
  • Build invaluable confidence in your project and in yourself!

The most valuable part of the Summit was all the limitless information Mark and Jeanne and the industry experts had. The Summit is absolutely worth the cost. I wish I had done this six years ago. I got more information from the three days at the Summit, then the whole six years since I first created this project. It is the best money I ever spent for people who have the same vision as I do. If you are going to pitch a TV show you have to come for three days of fun, interaction and breakout sessions at the round table.”
-Blair Thein, creator of “Pool, Poker & Pain”

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This is where you step off the path of the aspiring amateur and enter the realm of the pros.

NATPE, MIP, MIPCOM, Kidscreen, Banff, RealScreen are just some of the major television market conferences held around the globe every year.

There is no better experience to professionally test and launch your pitch skills than one of these industry gatherings, where executives and producers are looking for the latest TV show ideas, programming trends, future industry shakers and showrunners.

We host multiple training sessions leading up to these conferences, so you are fully prepared and oriented.

Then, we personally escort you to a major TV conference and,

  • give you the layout of the land and who to target,
  • share the secrets of how the pros work these conferences,
  • coach you prior to and after any meetings or industry contacts you make,
  • strategize with you to maximize the benefit of such contacts, and
  • provide you a plan on the all important follow up to any pitches or contacts made.

If you want to be taken seriously as a TV show creator seeking a major network or distribution deal for your TV show, THESE ARE THE EVENTS where it all begins.

Benefits of attending our Hit Makers Tour include:

  • Real world experience at a professional industry gathering
  • Professional industry cred from this point forward (you’re now a player)
  • Multiple opportunities and arenas to pitch to industry execs and producers
  • How to work the exhibition floors
  • Insider intel from industry panels, seminars and talks
  • Strategy sessions with personalized coaching during and after each day
  • Priceless confidence building for your pitch skills and comfort level
  • Attending a live pitch with you

There’s nothing else quite like it, or available anywhere else – a personal guided tour through the fertile fields from where most shows and deals ultimately blossom. It just might be the best investment you’ll ever make to launch your TV show career.

With the home study course and a few connections I made at NATPE, I got a call from a network executive interested in my project and who wants to work with me and my partner to get our concept on his network.”
Crosby Tatum

I just returned from Real Deal and wanted to tell you how much I got out of your home study course. It was essential in helping me put together the whole sales package – especially the 1-sheet and treatment. Honestly, it’s the best money I’ve spent in preparing this show for pitching. I wish I had done it sooner! The other thing that was super helpful was setting up meetings beforehand – which I would not have thought to do. As a result, we got in seven pitches and have several people who are interested!
– Jim Kraus

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