Who Else Wants to Get Their Show Ready to Pitch?

Join us, Mark & Jeanne Simon, in Orlando for our next Summit in Fall of 2013. Exact date TBD due to our production schedules.

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Before you make your first pitch…finalize your treatment…edit your sizzle reel…make your first move of any kind – get this training under your belt!

You’ll discover…

  • Who to pitch to and how to land that pitch meeting without an agent
  • 1-on-1 expert advice on YOUR project – work with Emmy winners
  • Material reviews: We’ll study and make notes on your treatments, sizzle reels, and one sheets
  • What to expect in a pitch – 8 specific guidelines that will help you to sell your show
  • 4 necessary steps that reduce the time it takes you to figure out where to pitch your show
  • How to develop a treatment that’s done right the first time
  • The one key quality all shows must have to be TV worthy

Attend this three-day seminar and make your move into the TV business smoother and more successful!

Mark and Jeanne Refuse to Host the Typical Workshop

“We could stuff a ballroom with hundreds of Hollywood hopefuls and let them fill notebook after notebook with great tips. Then, they go home and struggle to apply the great tips to their own shows.

We know that it takes hands-on, nitty gritty, brass tacks work with pitch experts to take your concept from an idea to a fully developed TV show that’s ready to pitch and sell. That’s why we only allow 30 participants at our Summit and that’s why we sell out year after year!”

Jeanne Simon

What is our Summit like? Check it out:


Florida Resident and Military Discount Available- Call 407-352-2544 or email Team@SellYourTVConceptNow.com

Bring a partner for less than half the standard price. Since many of you create in pairs, we’ve made it economical to bring a partner to the Summit. Admission for a partner is over half off of our standard registration rate, or $947, as long as you’re both working on the same project.

Attend the Summit and Get Results

On the set of “Give A Living Rose.” From the left, Sell TV founders Mark & Jeanne
Simon, show creator/producer Monya Claborn, host Kelly Lang, Olympic skating
coach Don Laws and Olympian/announcer Scott Hamilton. Monya sold her show
just one week after attending the Hit Makers Summit. www.GiveaLivingRose.com. 

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who has an idea for a TV show and is serious about selling it.

Those who thrive on being with other creative people who have similar goals.

Those whose experience with TV begins and ends with a remote and those who have a career in the entertainment industry.

Whether your show is just an idea or a full episode in the can, the pitch principles, strategies, tactics, samples and templates you get at the Summit will allow you to develop your pitch package, get more pitch meetings, get more offers, earn more money and touch more people’s lives.

Who Shouldn’t Come to Hit Makers Summit?

Anyone who just wants to sit back, take notes, not move forward with their project and fade into the wallpaper.

Marco pitching TV to Mark & Jeanne Simon at the Hit Makers Summit
Look, Marco is smiling – pitch practice is fun!

Rave Review

“Jeanne and Mark. What in the heck can I say??? You guys are the most sincere, no bull shit, coming-straight-at-you people. Thanks for everything you guys have done to show us how to pitch our TV shows! I swear I thought you guys were a gimmick, I thought I was about to throw away $3,000, but I said hey, if they are charging this much they have to be real! I’ve been trying to find the secrets that you guys shared with us for over 7-10 years! I have mentors who have never heard of some of the things you guys covered! I am using a lot of exclamation points because I am truly this excited!

I plan on attending many more things with you guys, but I can say that you’ve already showed me more and given me more confidence than I could have attained myself. If it wasn’t for you I can truly say I would have given up on my dream within a few years. So thank you very much.”

John Bujak
11-4 Productions www.11-4productions.com
September 2008 Hit Maker Summit Member
NATPE 2009 Hit Maker Tour Member

The Skills Every TV Show Creator Needs to Succeed

How to Set Up Pitch Meetings at All the Major Networks and Production Studios:

  • How to get past the screeners
  • EXACTLY what to say in a phone conversation or in an email
  • Foolproof way to set up a meeting when you’re traveling
  • Keys to setting up as many meetings as possible at a convention

Create a TV Pitch Package That Sells a Concept:

  • Work with award-winning show creators 1-on-1 in our breakout sessions
  • Prepare those elements executives expect to see
  • Secrets to writing treatments that communicate the spirit of your show in your absence
  • Find out when having art in your package is absolutely necessary
  • How to find writers or artists who can capture the essence of your project for you
  • Find out how much information is too much and what is just right

Bill Suchy hosting a breakthrough session at the Hit Makers Summit.

Perfect Your TV Pitch:

  • The greatest TV pitch strategies of all time are revealed
  • Practice pitch to experts and get expert critiques
  • Gain the confidence to pitch to anyone
  • Make the best use of the materials you bring to the pitch
  • Be prepared to make the best out of the unexpected
  • Grab their attention with your killer hook

TV pitch practice at the Hit Makers Summit.

You’ll receive a recording of the pitch you make on the third day.
Attendees are blown away at the progress they make in just 3 days!

Learn How to Get and Hold Everyone’s Attention During a Pitch:

  • Pitch with passion
  • How to begin and how to wrap up
  • Seven Pitch KILLER MISTAKES to avoid
  • Keys to creating a killer hook or log line
  • Look the part or what to wear
  • How to pitch with storyboard

How to Follow-Up After Pitch Meetings:

  • Learn the art of polite persistence
  • Keep your project in play with strategic follow-up letters
  • Keep the doors open so you can pitch your next great idea

Research Before a Pitch Can Be the Difference Between Deal or No Deal:

  • Find out what you must know before you even set up your first meeting
  • What questions you might be asked and how to answer them
  • Know who you’re pitching
  • Five SECRETS to figure out what they’re looking for

Learn Show Development Strategies to Create a Show You Can Pitch with Confidence:

  • Easy and fun ways to get to the core of your concept
  • How to develop a story that people can’t get enough of
  • Create endings that wrap up the story and satisfy the audience

Craft a Show Description that Has It All:

  • Boil a high concept down to three or four sentences that says it all
  • Show executives that your concept has legs with short punchy episode descriptions
  • Model your show descriptions after some of the best in the business

Mark Simon teaching how to pitch with a storyboard.

Mark does a pitch for an animation that he did for Nickelodeon.

Create Characters that People Love to Love and Love to Hate:

  • How to create characters that the audience knows, likes and cheers on
  • How to create characters that are three dimensional, unique and sources of conflict
  • Play out conflict through characters who are villains, heroes and catalysts (move the story forward)


Co-Founder, Producer, and Pitch Expert

Mark Simon’s drive to create is 24/7. He’s currently developing two world-class properties, comic strips – B.C. and Wizard of ID, into TV series and movies. He’s also president of A&S Animation and Animatics & Storyboards and co-founder of Sell Your TV Concept Now.

He’s inked over 25 deals for his own projects and worked on 2900+ productions. Timmy’s Lessons in Nature, a Mark Simon animation, was the first ever Nicktoon’s grand prize winner.

Co-Founder, Producer, and Pitch Expert

Jeanne Simon, co-founder of Sell Your TV Concept Now, has been a producer, writer, and award-winning content creator in the entertainment industry for over 24 years. She’s produced 500+ episodes of TV for Nickelodeon, Disney, Cartoon Network, Discovery Networks, ABC, and TNN. She co-created an entire schedule of shows for a network she developed for Turner Broadcasting.

Jeanne is currently a pitch and creative consultant for TV shows and in production on several original projects.

August 2010 Summit Special Guests

Deadliest Catch Producer/DP & 3D Expert

Doug Stanley, Deadliest Catch producerDoug Stanley. As the producer and DP of one of the highest-rated and most exciting shows on TV, there’s no one more qualified to share the chilling adventures of shooting on the arctic ocean and the secrets on how to find the story within the reality.

Doug is a prime time Emmy-winning producer with 7 Emmy nominations. He is also a current 2010 Emmy nominee.

Doug is also one of the foremost experts on 3D stereographic television production. He is currently shooting a 3D special for Discovery Networks. He also recently launched his studio, Ridgeline Entertainment, in California.

Nickelodeon Network Past Executive/ Show Producer

Andy BambergerAndy Bamberger. We’ve known Andy for over 20 years. He’s an executive producer, director and network executive whose credits include Animal Planet’s ThePet Psychic and Petsburgh,USA; as well as the Hearst/Disney internationally syndicated series, Secrets of the Animal Kingdom; and The Millennium Project for ABC 2000. He has directed commercials and reality programming for Walt Disney World, The Disney Channel, Coca Cola and Bell South as well as helming multi-camera shoots for PBS, Walt Disney World and Discovery Health.

Andy also served as Vice President of Production for Viacom/Nickelodeon, overseeing the production of more than 1,000 hours of original programming at Nickelodeon Studios Florida. He began his career as a free-lance producer and director for Nickelodeon, National Geographic Television, HBO, Showtime and four Emmy award-winning seasons of Sesame Street and 3-2-1 Contact for Children’s Television Workshop in New York.

Andy is also one of the funniest story-tellers you’ll ever hear. Join us as we talk with someone who’s worked on both sides of the network desk. He’s in a unique position to share with us the inner workings of network production.

Hollywood A-List Screenwriter

Wayne Carter at the Hit Makers SummitA. Wayne Carter, is one of our most popular guests. He’s a WGA writer who has worked for HBO, Universal, Paramount, National Lampoon and with such industry heavy-weights as Ed McMahon, James Cameron and Robin Williams. He’s also a master pitchman who knows what works and he has the stories to prove it. We grilled Wayne about what makes a TV show great and got him to divulge some of his development secrets. He’s a gifted story-teller who has worked on sitcoms, reality shows, dramas and feature films. Attendees love to work one-on-one with Wayne in the break-out sessions.

Series Creator/PBS Producer/Station Manager

Bill SuchyBill Suchy, created, executive produced, wrote and directed the Emmy nominated series Secrets of the Animal Kingdom, seen on ABC, Fox and in many other countries. Bill was also the head writer for Ed McMahon’s NEXT BIG STAR television series and wrote and produced the number one rated health series on cable television, American Health and Fitness (FOX Health Network) and was segment creator, writer, producer and director for the hit series Rollerjam (TNN). He also produced the highly acclaimed PBS series Writing in the Upward Years (featuring poets Richard Eberhart, May Sarton and Molly Harrower.) Bill will discuss raising funds for independent production and pitching to studios, networks and syndicates.

Bill has created, written and/or produced some of the most popular documentary programs on broadcast television, including the WNET, PBS Nature Special Cats, the Academy Award nominated feature documentary Building Bombs (narrated by Jane Alexander) and the acclaimed wildlife

specials In Praise of Wild Florida and For the Love of Manatees. On the National Geographic Special, Realm of the Alligator, nominated for three Emmys (received two), Bill was creative and production consultant.

1-Sheet/ Sales Sheet Designer

Bill Wade - 1-sheet designerBill Wade, is our incredible Emmy-winning 1-sheet and broadcast designer. Bill has produced graphics for all the major networks and series like CBS’s award-winning reality series The Amazing Race. He’ll give all of our members advice on their 1-sheets or what they should put on their 1-sheets. Plus, one lucky member will win a FREE 1-sheet design from Bill. Don’t miss this!


September ’09 Summit Special Guests

Animal Planet Series Creator/On-Air Talent

Rhett BanningRhett Banning, Rhett was one of the top news broadcasters for years in Canada at the Global Television Network. Rhett then left Global to start It Works! Television Productions, to create his own TV shows. The company started work in Washington D.C. in 1993, and five years later moved to Orlando, Florida, where it remains today. The company has worked on programs seen on Animal Planet, the USA Network, PBS, ABC, CBS, and NBC stations, CTV and Global TV stations in Canada, and Discovery International. He is the creator and producer of Zig & Zag: Alpha Dog Challenge for the Discovery Networks.

TV Host/ Producer

Tim E. DTim E. D , Tim E. D has been an award winning TV host for over 15 years. He has perfected his craft with over 200 live broadcasts, 4 TV series, and helping charitable causes. Broadcaster of the year, The most innovative TV series, and best show of Raleigh, NC are some of the awards that Tim has won. Fox,CW, My Network, America One, and The Fight Network are some of the places in which Tim has appeared.
His current show is a comedy talk show and has had many great guests on including, David Copperfield, the cast of 24, guests from Amazing Race, Big Brother, Starting Over, pro wrestlers, and more. Tim loves to focus on the entertainment industry during his show and has interviewed many people currently working in the field. He is looking for anyone that creates or works on programming to interview to help get the
word out about their production. Tim will work with you on how to get promotion for your project and how to make best use of TV interviews.

Past Summit Special Guests

Spike TV Network Executive

Scott Fishman at the Hit Makers SummitScott Fishman. He was one of the first employees at MTV and now he’s an executive at Spike in charge of some their most successful shows. We met him when Nickelodeon began production in Orlando in the early 90′s and Scott directed some of the network’s most popular shows. He revealed what networks, in particular Spike and Nickelodeon, look for in a pitch. Scott is a dynamic, engaging speaker who has lots of stories to share and is always a Summit favorite.

Television Syndicator

Cassie YdeCassie Yde, president of The Television Syndication Company. As an international syndicator for more than 25 years, Cassie is a living, breathing treasure trove of information that Summit attendees just can’t get enough of. She explained in detail how syndication works, what types of shows are right for syndication and how to avoid mistakes that many producers make. She recently made a deal with one of our clients, Jim Trippon, on his Hidden China show.

Reality TV Producer/Director

Randy Baker at Hit Makers SummitRandy Baker, seated on the left, has hundreds of reality, sitcom and drama productions to his credit. He enlightened the group about the reality of reality programming and blew our minds with his well-informed take on the future of entertainment and how we’ll consume it. Plus, he shared the incredible insights he gained for the research he did for his book about pitching. He interviewed top network programming and development executives about what makes a great pitch.

Break-out Sessions are What Make the Hit Makers Summit The Best TV Pitch Training Money Can Buy

We limit the number of attendees to only 30 for several good reasons:

* Small break-out sessions held every day mean that every member gets the full attention of the group multiple times

* We are accessible to everyone and give of our time generously.

*More one-on-one time for every attendee with top TV professionals we bring in as guest speakers and break-out group mentors.

Could we make more money by packing a cavernous hotel ballroom with people? Yes, of course, but we’ve chosen to make the Hit Makers Summit more like a small master mind group where creators passionate about selling their shows can actually see results after three days.

The people who come to our Summit are serious about selling their shows and they have the results to prove it.

Don’t delay…the remaining seats will go quickly.

Register NOW – the next Summit isn’t until next year.

You Can’t Lose with our No-Hassle 100% Money-back Guarantee!

If after the first day of the Summit you aren’tmore informed, more inspired, and more confident about selling your show, we’ll refund your money – no questions asked. You have nothing to lose.

Next Summit Fall 2013


Here’s How It Works

1. Make your purchase online with a Visa, MC, or Amex on our secure server. Choose A if you are coming to the Summit by yourself or choose B if you want to come with your partner.
A. Purchase a single admission.
B. Purchase admission for you and your partner.

2. Once you make your purchase you’ll receive an email that gives you a link to the members-only website. This website has logistical info including hotel and other travel info.

3. The fee for the Summit only covers admission, so you should book your travel asap to get the best rates.

4. Send us whatever you’ve prepared for your show(s): demos, treatments, one-sheets etc.

5. Get lots of sleep the week before XXX. You’re gonna need it!

Florida Resident and Military Discount Available – Call 407-351-0893 or email Team@SellYourTVConceptNow.com


Sample Schedule

Our Hit Makers Summit is scheduled for Spring 2012, Saturday through Monday. It will be held at the Renaissance Orlando Hotel at SeaWorld in Orlando, FL.

Day 1 – Saturday

begins at 8:15 AM

We will start promptly at 9:00

Day ends around 7:00 pm

Day 2 – Sunday

9:00 am – 6:00 pm

6:00 cocktail party to end the day and we’ll watch the Emmy Awards together

Day 3- Monday

9:00 am – 4:30 pm

This will allow you time to get to the airport for those of you who have a flight that evening.

We recommend you arrive in Orlando Friday and fly into the Orlando International Airport , MCO. Try not to schedule a flight out of Orlando any earlier than 7 pm on Monday because you won’t want to miss anything that afternoon.

First Class Location

Renaissance Resort Orlando

The Hit Makers Summit will be at the beautiful Renaissance Orlando Hotel at Sea World.

Hit Makers Summit catering

Gourmet lunch and snacks catered every days as part of the registration fee.

Take a Family Vacation

This is also a great time to take the family for a vacation in the world’s best vacation city! Don’t let the kids miss out on the roller coasters or let your spouse miss the Blue Man Group, Cirque Du Soleil or House of Blues concerts. They can walk across the street to Sea World while you perfect your pitch. We’ve arranged for our guests to receive special discounts to Sea World.


Significantly discounted room rates are also available at the Renaissance Orlando Hotel at Sea World. Click on the link below to reserve a room.


You can read all about the Renaissance Orlando Resort online at:


6677 Sea Harbor Drive

Orlando, Florida 32821 USA

Phone: 1-407-351-5555

Orlando has more hotels than almost any other city in the world. You will have every option you can imagine. Once you register, you will have access to our Members Only page where we’ve compiled a few close hotels that we recommend in a variety of price options.

If you’re still not sure if the Summit is right for you, please take a moment and check out the testimonials below.



Hit Makers Summit
Everybody’s a ham.

Break-out Sessions are What Make the Hit Makers Summit Unique.

Breakout Groups

We limit the number of attendees to only 30 for several very good reasons:

  • Small break out sessions held every day mean that every member gets the full attention of the group multiple times during the Summit
  • We are accessible to everyone and give of our time generously
  • More one-on-one time for every attendee with the top TV professionals we bring in as guest speakers and break out group mentors

Could we make more money by packing a cavernous hotel ballroom with people? Yes, of course, but we’ve chosen to make the Hit Makers Summit more like a small master mind group where creators passionate about selling their shows can actually see results after three days. The people who come to our Summit are serious about selling their shows and they have the results to prove it.

Want to hear real-life stories from writers, producers, and executives who have bought and sold shows?

Then, the Hit Makers Summit is for you. There’s nothing like hearing how others saved a deal, screwed up a sure thing, or why a show got picked up over one just like it.

Our next event will be Fall 2013.

You Can’t Lose with Our No-hassle 100% Money-back Guarantee!

If after the first day of the Summit you aren’t more informed, more inspired, and more confident about selling your show, we’ll refund your money – no questions asked. You have nothing to lose!

Or give us a call at 407-351-0893 or email Team@SellYourTVConceptNow.com to pay with PayPal or make other arrangements.


If you’re still not sure if the Summit is right for you, please take a moment and check out the testimonials below.

Marco Flores testimonial

Lutz testimonial for the Hit Makers Summit

Jim Trippon testimonial for the Hit Makers Summit

Petty testimonial

Hector Seda testimonial

Herb Gross testimonial

Travis Blaise

Women In Film, WIF

Mitchell Kreigman

Patty Thomas

You can spend thousands of dollars and months of blood, sweat and tears on trial and error.


You can learn from real people who are willing (and even excited) to reveal all the nitty-gritty, “this-is-how-I-made-it-work” details behind their success.

Or to join us at the Summit, call 407-351-0893 or email Team@SellYourTVConceptNow.com to pay with PayPal or make other arrangements. Payment Plans Available.