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Who Else Wants to Pitch TV Network Execs Face-to-Face?

Here's your chance to get your TV show on a major network by personally pitching top network executives face-to-face at a TV conference this winter.

There's a familiar life equation that says Luck = Preparation + Opportunity.

That's exactly why Mark and Jeanne Simon created their Hit Maker Tours... to take people with ready-to-sell TV shows to conferences where SOMETHING BIG CAN HAPPEN. Where you can pitch execs from major networks - NBC, Discovery, A&E, Oxygen, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Lifetime just to name a few.

There Are Conferences in Early 2014 for Every Type of Show!

NATPE Conference and Marketplace in Miami - January 27 - 29, 2014

Best for scripted dramas, sitcoms, sci-fi, reality and game shows. Not the best conference for kids' or animated shows.

Realscreen Summit in Washington, D.C. - January 26 - 29, 2014

The BEST place to pitch any kind of non-fiction show including game shows, documentaries, and competition shows.

Kidscreen Summit in NYC - February 9-12, 2014

The BEST place to pitch shows for kids aged 0 - 15.


To get the promo code and save $$$: Call 407-351-0893 or Email: team@sellyourtvconceptnow.com Includue your name and phone number and we'll call you back.

(You do not have to purchase anything from Sell Your TV Concept Now to get the promos codes.)

Meet Your Mentors

Marke Simon

"I love going to conferences with our clients. The best part is when one of them gets a follow up meeting after a pitch and they are so excited!"

Co-Founder of
Sell Your TV Concept Now, Inc.

Jeanne Simon

"Honestly, most of our clients tell us that they don't want to go alone. They don't want to ever feel like they don't know what they're doing. They believe in their shows and they are committed to doing whatever it takes to succeed. It takes preparation and it takes being in the right place at the right time and that's what the Hit Maker Tour is all about"

Co-Founder of
Sell Your TV Concept Now, Inc.

Have you ever tried to get a network exec on the phone or tried to get them to answer an email before you've met them? HA! Good luck!

We call it the Hollywood Catch 22: Network gatekeepers tell you that you need an agent to submit an idea. And agents tell you that you have to have a track record before they’ll represent you. Don't worry! There is a way to get around the gatekeepers and it works every time. When you go to TV pitch conferences you'll be able to meet face-to-face with network execs - no agent or attorney required!
(Our record is 33 meetings in one day!)

Go to a Conference If You're Serious About Selling Your Show

  • Meet and pitch to the network decision makers!
  • Most economical and efficient way to pitch your show. (Our record is 33 meetings in one day!)
  • Meet agents, entertainment attorneys, producers, and distributors.
  • Stay current with TV industry trends and business by attending addresses by executives from Discovery Networks, WE, Lifetime, History Channel, TLC, Nickeleodeon, Disney, PBS kids, Telemundo and countless more networks and producers who you want to pitch.
  • Immediately up your status as a serious player just by showing up at the conference (and use the experience for referencing and scheduling other meetings and follow-ups).
  • Full access to presentations and unique networking events.
Past Hit Maker Tour alum, Shabum, caught up with Mark at NAPTE last month and together they celebrated Shabum’s show getting picked up by Telemundo USA.

Spend a quick day at NATPE in Miami with Mark Simon, co-founder of SellYourTvConceptNow.com.

From waking up at the beach to sessions on TV production to running into stars like Charlie Sheen and partying on a Yacht, experience this incredible TV conference.

100% Success Rate!

"I came to MIPCOM to pitch my drama. You do get a chance to meet executives. It does happen, even to first timers like me. It would have been a complete waste of time for me to come here on my own without Mark & Jeanne. No question about it. Having Mark at MIPCOM to help make introductions was invaluable. He introduced me to the president of Fox TV!"

- Jesse Cole. creator of Critical Condition

Go to a TV Conference with Mark & Jeanne
You'll Have a Mentor to Support You Every Step of the Way!

  • Mark is the on-site mentor for NATPE.
  • Jeanne is the on-site mentor for Realscreen Summit.
  • Jeanne and Mark will both on-site mentors for Kidscreen Summit.
  • They'll make connections for you.
  • Translate what network execs have said to you and advise you how to respond.
  • They'll even go pitch meetings with you!

The Hit Maker Tour mentors and trains TV creators on how to successfully pitch TV shows at major TV conferences around the world.

Tour Member, Jim Morris, talks about working with Mark & Jeanne Simon, founders of SellYourTvConceptNow.com, on the Hit Maker Tour to MIPcom in Cannes, France.

Other tours include Real Screen Summit, Kidscreen Summit, NATPE, Pitchcon, Great American Pitchfest and others.

Hit Maker Tour Success Story

"But I tell you what: Coming here, I got way way more than I paid for; from day one when I signed up. And then I got several emails, and then phone calls, and then conference calls. More information than I ever expected. They took me from the very inception of the idea of my show to, all the way through to literally being here to help me pitch my show, and now I might have a DEAL from being at this conference."

- Angela Oberer pictured with Mark Cuban
Hit Maker Tour member to NATPE 2013

Training Dates

  • Session 1 - Material Review - 01/09/2014
    Mark or Jeanne reviews pitch package and gives detailed notes on how to make it meet or exceed network standards.
  • Session 2 - How to Make the Most Out of Conferences - 01/16/2014 - Travel logistics
    - How to set up meetings before the conference
    - What else to bring in addition to your pitch package
    - How to navigate the conference website
  • Session 3 - Pitch Prep - 01/21/2014
    - How to sign up for pitch opportunities offered by the conference
    - How to get as many unplanned pitch meetings as possible
    - How to use your pitch package
    - Flow of a pitch meeting
    - Pitch mindset
  • Session 4 - Pitch Practice - 01/23/2014
    - Perfect your pitch by practicing with Mark and Jeanne
    - Find out how to answer the questions network execs are sure to ask about your show
  • Session 5 - Post Conference Strategic Follow Up (TBD)

What Is the Value of the
Hit Maker Tour?

4 Live Training Sessions: $ 3,200.00
Material Review $500.00
Pitch Workbook $300.00
Streaming Training Sessions: $250.00
Personal Member’s Only Support Site: $650.00
Consultant Travel/Hotel $2,400.00
Consultant Conference Fee: $800.00 - 1,875.00
Access to on-site mentor $8,000.00 - 10,000.00
Total Value: $ 14,400 – $18,000

Join our Hit Maker Tour and get a HUGE value for your investment.

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