Networks thrive on new and exciting content, and executives’ jobs depend on people like you to bring them fresh ideas.

Some of you just have an idea…nothing even written down yet…and you want to find out if your idea is even worth pursuing.

Many of you have a draft of a treatment or a script and before you actually use it in a pitch you want to make sure that all of your pitch materials are polished and professional. You don’t want to come off as naive, unprofessional, or an outsider.

A few of you have pitched your show, but haven’t gotten any interest. You want to know what to change…how to make it better…how to get the green light.

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We were in your shoes 17 years ago when we first started to develop and pitch our TV shows. We didn’t know how to even begin the process. Mark, who had built custom homes with his dad said, “Creating our own show and trying to sell it is like trying to build a house without a blueprint!”

With no blueprint, you couldn’t possibly lay a foundation that would support a house. The stairs would lead to the wrong place; the wiring would be faulty; and the entire house would crumble due to total lack of planning.

Who would ever buy a house like that?!? NO ONE.

A TV show that’s developed without a blueprint ends up in the same sad shape. The foundation, or show development, would be weak, incomplete and not strong enough to support your pitch. The storylines would lead to the wrong place; the character depictions would be faulty; and the entire show would crumble due to total lack of planning.

Who would ever buy a TV show like that?!? NO ONE.

Just as an architect supplies the blue print for your home, we provide the TV show development and pitch blueprint with clearly defined steps to make sure that your TV show exceeds Hollywood execs’ expectations.

  • Inspired and fresh show development.
  • Professional, polished and pitch-ready presentation materials
  • Target and research the best networks for you to pitch
  • Pitch your show with confidence!

You do not have to go through the process of developing and selling your show alone. No matter what kind of show you have – sitcom, drama, animation, reality, kids show, talk show, game show or documentary – we can provide a step-by-step blueprint.

A Breakthrough Session with us will save you time, money and frustration no matter where you are in your TV development process.BOOK A SESSION: Call 407.352.2544. Please have your calendar available.

Please do not send us any materials for review without a signed submission release form. You may call our offices to schedule a breakthrough session and we will send you our Submission Release form for you to complete and return with your submitted materials.

When Margaret Babish told us her idea for a TV show, we thought no one would watch it. She actually said, “I don’t know why I’m working on this show.” And we replied, “We don’t either.”

But, she had her heart set on creating a TV show and we encouraged her to examine her life and to find a story that she felt passionate about.

Her second pitch blew us away! It was a story based on her heart-wrenching experiences as a twenty-something mother of three who was trapped by an abusive husband and their repressive Pentascostal church.

We partnered with her every step of the way from concept development, treatment and script writing, to what to say in a pitch and which networks to pitch.

When Margaret finally got the chance to pitch FOX TV she was confident in her show, her script, treatment, one sheet, and herself.

“Dear Mark and Jeanne,
Everything you said would happen in the pitch did happen! The FOX executive loved my one sheet and loved my pitch. She wants me to come back to LA for a follow up meeting. She is definitely interested in my show. Thank you for everything. None of this could have happened without you!”
- Margaret Babish – Creator of “Scarlett from the Ashes”

As your mentors, we will be as honest with you as we were with Margaret and tell you if your TV show idea has what it takes.

BOOK A SESSION: Call 407.352.2544. Please have your calendar available. Do not send us any materials for review without a signed submission release form. You may call our offices to schedule a breakthrough session and we will send you our Submission Release form for you to complete and return with your submitted materials.


  • Evaluate the viability of the show. (Is it worth pursuing?)
  • Compare it to similar shows on TV. (Does your show have a good twist?)
  • Identity potential buyers. (There are always more than you think.)
  • Pinpoint the demographic or audience. (First question asked in a pitch.)
  • Determine if your show is strong enough to sustain multiple seasons.
  • Why you are the perfect one to produce a show like yours.

We call these “BREAKTHROUGH SESSIONS” for a reason. Because in just one session, we can take an unformed or unfocused idea and turn it into a television show.

We can figure out how to make a character funnier or a story pack a punch.

We give you guidance on who to pitch, how to get a pitch meeting, and exactly what to say when you get in front of the execs.


Doug Stanley was the longest-standing producer and director of photography for Discovery’s hit show Deadliest Catch. After he left the show he used his immense talent to create several shows of his own. He called us because he couldn’t sell any of them even though he had loads of contacts and some of the best credits in TV to back him up.He sent us his pitch materials – treatments, one sheets, and sizzle reels – and we saw the problems right away.

“Mark and Jeanne, you are fabulous. I’ve had a long career in TV and I was having an extremely difficult time pitching my own shows. You have provided me the sledgehammer I needed. Since I’ve worked with you, I’ve sold a few of my own shows.”
-Doug Stanley, Producer of “Deadliest Catch”

We outlined an action plan for Doug that detailed how he needed to revise his pitch materials so they told the exciting stories of his TV shows.

As your mentors, we will do for you what we did for Doug. We’ll bring a fresh, expert perspective to your show and give you detailed directions on how to trasform your pitch materials into professional sales tools.


  • Format
  • Writing Style
  • Character Development
  • Story Development
  • Demographic Fit
  • Strength of Hook
  • Visual Impact
  • Creator Biography
  • Appeal to Potential Buyers
  • Series Structure
  • Episode Structure

Monya Clayborn had a really great idea for a reality show that she had pitched several times with no success. When she showed us her pilot we knew exactly why no one was interested.Her show was all about tapping deep-seated feelings of gratitude and expressing them in a grand gesture. She used words like “emotional, transformative, heart- felt” to describe her show, but the pilot didn’t emotionally move anybody.

We suggested just a few key changes and her pilot went from ho-hum to bringing all who watched it to tears.

Monya pitched her show, Give a Living Rose, to a network one week after working with us and she got a green light!

“Thanks to your pitch training, I sold my show to a network! We were in production within a week after our pitch. Thank you Mark & Jeanne.”
- Monya Clayborn – Creator of “Give a Living Rose” (Nationally syndicated TV series.)

She invited us to the taping of an episode that featured world figure skating champion Scott Hamilton.


  • Overall Production Critique
  • Story-Telling Strength
  • Character Depictions
  • Emotional Impact
  • Appeal to Potential Buyers
  • Demographic Fit

It feels awful when you show an exec your pilot or sizzle reel and you get no reaction, or even worse, you feel the need to explain how your show will look better, sound crisper or tell the story brilliantly when you go into production with a real budget.

As your mentors, we’ll insure that you make the most of the precious time you have in a pitch meeting actually pitching your show rather explaining why your sizzle reel fizzled.


“Dear Mark and Jeanne,
When preparing for Kidscreen, my consultation with Jeanne really set me in motion concerning my preschool show. She reviewed every page of my treatment with me and gave me detailed notes that made it so much better. Plus, she helped me with my pitch.It’s amazing how much Jeanne covered in just one hour. One network exec at the conference said, “Your pitch is one of the best we’ve seen at Kidscreen!”
- Jonathan Pope Evans


Create a winning, confident pitch with our experts.

When you’re ready to pitch, book a session, and we’ll make sure that you’re confident and ready to go. We will:

  • Anticipate and help you prep answers to the questions network execs will ask about your show
  • Identify must-attend TV conferences that suit your show
  • Identify any missing elements in your pitch package
  • Provide expert feedback on your pitch


    Have your schedule and a credit card in hand. (We accept MC, Visa, PayPal, and AMEX.)
  • RATE: $400.00 USD per session that’s up to one hour.
    A longer session is recommended if you already have a script or half hour or longer pilot. Full payment is due at the time you schedule to secure your session.
  • CALL 407.352.2544 to book a session and have your calendar and credit card ready.
    We’ll send you emails with forms to fill out and directions on how to send us whatever you’d like reviewed.
  • Please do not send us any materials for review without a signed submission release form. You may call our offices to schedule a breakthrough session and we will send you our Submission Release form for you to complete and return with your submitted materials.
    We’ll also email you the dial-in info for the call since we record all sessions and we’ll send you the mp3 file. No need to take notes!

What was it worth to Monya or Doug to sell their shows? It’s hard to say for sure, but it could easily be millions of dollars. They had a burning desire to see their shows on TV and they were absolutely committed to make their visions a reality. Committed enough to make an investment of time and money and hire us as their mentors.

Make the decision right now to commit to the success of your TV show and get expert guidance from us.

We’ve been in the TV business for more than 25 years each and we’ve worked on every type of show there is. We have over 3,000 production credits and our team is working on several productions at all times. Mark just wrapped an animation he produced for a 20th Century FOX feature film and a Little Rascals film for Universal. 

We’ve signed over 36 distribution deals for our own original shows and we’re still out there pitching and selling. Because we pitch network execs weekly, attend at least three major TV conferences a year (often as speakers), and work on top TV shows we have first-hand knowledge of exactly what network execs are looking for RIGHT NOW.

All of our experience and insight is yours when you book a session with us.

CLICK HERE for longer bios for Mark and Jeanne.

Breakthrough Sessions are our most powerful launch to your experience working together with us.

When we become your mentors, you’ll have TV industry experts on your side guiding you every step of the way.

If you’re not prepared – if your show isn’t well developed or your pitch isn’t bulletproof, that door will be closed forever. There are no second chances. We want all of you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams and we’re here to make sure that happens.


Hi Mark,

I wanted to share with your students and associates the high value I place on you and Jeanne with your Pitch Critiques.

Last year, I spoke with Jeanne only once regarding a different project than the one I pitched at the Hollywood Roosevelt Conference earlier this month. She gave me excellent feedback and opened my eyes to even the little things that needed tweaking. I read the email alerts you send out and it was through the two of you I found out about PitchCon. I knew I had to be there. I pitched a political serial drama first to Fox Television Studios and then Lionsgate. My exec from Fox quickly commented I gave an excellent pitch answering all of her questions before she could ask. My exec from Lionsgate complimented me on how detailed I was in having my idea laid out where I actually put effort into it. Unfortunately, Lionsgate said it was not for them but he STRONGLY recommended I contact Syfy because of one element in the concept. Fox on the other hand, loved it and currently have it under review. Mark, as I said in the hotel lobby, if it wasn’t for what I learned from you and Jeanne I would not have gotten even this far.

Thank you so much and I will let you know when my deal comes through!
- Martha

For anyone wanting to be successful in TV you must be able to put all the parts together starting with the script.  The Simons aren’t just supremely professional and helpful but also a pleasure.  They are insightful, creative and are genuinely interested in your project.  It is the guiding hand many of us need.  I highly recommend them early in the process.  Save time and a lot of pain.
- Alan Sproles

They really gave me that fresh eyes perspective that helped me see things I was not seeing.  It’s like being woken up out of a trance and it helps you improve and move the concept forward. I thought it was all solid advice that made great sense and I am confident that it will increase my chances of selling the show. From character re-design suggestions to what is needed and not needed in my series bible was very good to know. Very sincere, honest and encouraging.  It is good to feel like you have professionals in your corner when you are new to the industry
- Teko B.

Excellent. We really appreciated your candor, even though you know you’re dealing with someone’s “baby” you weren’t afraid to be direct up front.  You didn’t dance around it, you said “no one will buy Dancercise” etc, and your willingness to say it as it is really enhances the credibility of all of your advice. We felt that you really understood what was needed, and in 50 minutes we got enormous value and direction.

We feel very confident about our show now. While we have to revise the pitch and do a lot of hard work on areas we had not considered, you steered us constructively where we needed to go, and we can avoid thrashing around just guessing.  Absent this advice we might have ended up spending the first few thousand dollars pitching something that no one would ever buy.You exceeded our expectations in spades.
- Simon and Tessa Wiltshire

They go by their years of experience to tell you what is going through the mind of a TV executive.

Mark and Jeanne were honest about their assessment of my idea and the potential market for shows like mine. They not only looked at my show idea but they looked at my actual pitch and my marketing materials. They were friendly and really took an interest in my project. They really do want to help you succeed and for the time you’re with them you feel that your project is OUR project and they are giving you their best advice.

Not only was I reinvigorated but I woke up at 5 am with a new twist on my same idea which I’m really jazzed about and I’m confident could work.
- Kerwin McLaughlin

I really appreciate your thorough and honest assessment of my pilot, your identification of its strengths and issues, and helpful strategies for tweaking, re-packaging and marketing my concept. Most appreciated were your identification of issues I would have been completely unaware of, though it was also great to hear your perspective (and broadcasters’ perspectives, based on your vast experience) on things I was aware of but might not have known to what extent these items would be deal-makers/breakers. Your knowledge about specific things certain broadcasters would be looking for was also incredibly helpful.

Your experienced eyes and willingness to share this invaluable experience with me was truly a gift, and I am so grateful.

Thanks so much.

- Molly Conole, Creative Producer of Ms. Mola’s Make-ola!