Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this product help me with all of my concepts? What if I have ideas for a reality show and an animated show for kids?
    • DIY TV Pitch Kit perfect for any type of show. It provides information and samples for reality shows, animations, game shows, sitcoms, dramas and more.
  • Will this Pitch Kit only help me if I live or work in the USA?
    • DIY TV Pitch Kit is essential to effectively pitch your show in the USA or worldwide. People from around the world use our concepts to sell their ideas. Mark and Jeanne travel the world to attend and speak at international TV conferences and share their worldwide knowledge with you.
  • How long will I have access to the DIY TV Pitch Kit?
    • As long as you have access to the internet, you can see all the materials the DIY TV Pitch Kit has to offer. On the first page of the Kit, you will even find a video showing you how to navigate the Kit on your smart phone.
  • Does my purchase of the DIY TV Pitch Kit include any private consulting?
    • DIY TV Pitch Kit is a stand-alone do-it-yourself product. However, as a DIY TV Pitch Kit owner you will get a 10% discount on all products and services including private, 1-on-1 TV Concept Evaluations.
  • Can I share my DIY TV Pitch Kit with my thousands of Facebook friends?
    • DIY TV Pitch Kit is licensed for one user (or one family) only… but we’re glad you have so many friends.
  • What if I create another show? Can I make use of the material again?
    • You get unlimited use of your DIY TV Pitch Kit for all of your original creations. Go for it!
  • Is there a monthly fee to get the updates?
    • No… there are no monthly fees. You get everything listed plus all updates for one low price.
  • Will the information in the DIY TV Pitch Kit go out of date?
    • We’ll be adding more and updated content to the DIY TV Pitch Kit continuously. You will automatically receive all updates for no extra charge. Forever.
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